Nov 26, 2010

Telling the North Koreans to behave or Get Nuked by our Submarines!

radiomankc says (to a major South Korean Web blogsite, most assurely monitored by the North:)

As a former vet, one of millions from the US… My view is to say to NK to give it your best shot.

You attack the south, you’ll have about 20 minutes before North Korea/Pyongyang is PAST TENSE.

My view, having served 30 years ago, is to TAKE YOU OUT. I’m tired of you, your son, your bullshit. Take you out. We will. Youre people are starving already, so if we take out Pyongang, what the difference? Other than that we dont’ need to FUCK with you anymore?

We Americans just don’t have the patience to deal with your ego. You piss us off enough, I’d say you’d have about 30 seconds before your bullshit capital will reach about 10,000 degrees. Then you won’t be a problem anymore. You’re the perfect bullshit 3rd world country to teach the world we’re tired of your ANTICS!

Koreans are just fine as a people. But you northern types, don’t get too big for your britches. We dont’ like goose stepping soldiers. We’d take you out and not bat an eye. An young hash-sha mika, motorpool! What a joke you are!

Piss off the world too much, we’ll just take you out and FORGET about you!

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