Nov 8, 2010

Post Election Blogger's Syndrome rages on TKC!

Poor Tony. What to do. Rizzo's packing for Jeff City. Moreno's collecting unemployment to tide him over until the next local election. No sign Tee can stop the Funkhauser Freight Train.

To wit:

OMG!!!!   Now, we're desperate to find him some new issues. Or old ones while we wait for a police chase that kills some kid on a street corner.

  • Tee can Always beat the race drum, an issue that's important but won't go away until we build the fence.  Community ignores Hispanic Crime.   Law enforcement picks on criminal Latinos.

  • Wait. Clay Chastain knows it's a slow news month so he's back promoting his Short Line Railroad the feds won't pay for.  Nuthin 'short' about TKC's coverage!

  • Lessee. How about the hunt for deer in Swope Park? That was good in Shawnee Mission Park for a few weeks. Too bad they don't hunt for drug dealers with archers. 

  • We can kick the School superintendent around until he gets fired.  He's black.  And the amateur movie makers at Paseo high... those are entertaining even tho the hallway kids playing extras probably aren't earning scale or extra credit either.

  • And of course, the twice-a-week Alonzo murder count, attentioneering, and handwringing. 

  • Will there be enough salt for the roads this winter?   Will the drivers be awake enough to apply it?  Can they get to work from the unplowed sidestreets where they live?

  • Maybe some radio station manager will do a WKRP Thanksgiving stunt and bomb NKC with live turkeys, swearing they can fly. 

  • Wonder if Darla will bring in Sarah Palin a few times to raise money for her presidential campaign? 

  • How about the future of Union Station? That kept Dave Helling busy at Channel Four for at LEAST five years, and now HE's the dinosaur on exhibit!

Tony's got enough to get us through the winter, I guess.  To suggest "TKC's goin to the dogs" would NOT be a Money Quote!

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