Nov 20, 2010

KC SCOUT Cameras... What good are they but for TV stations???

 From the local TV blog: Posted on November 20, 2010 at 07:49:32 AM by WGAS
KMBC did a piece about the new Bond Bridge opening up but kept showing the scout cam from I-70 and Pittman rd.
Funny stuff... given that the newly opened Bond bridge is way up north across the Missouri River from downtown!  The Scout cams have primarily just been a boon for TV stations' morning newscasts... not much use for drivers.   When accidents or tie-ups happen within camera range, stations get some video for their newscasts without actually sending a photographer to the tie-up... but likely no drivers are watching TV, right?

The overhead message boards haven't been used very often except to tell drivers how far it is to the next landmark... which regular drivers of those roads already know.

The taxpayers have been TAKEN. And their use in the media has pretty much been a promotional ruse. Like most TV station liveshots.  You wont see TV stations doing a story on this, but it would be interesting to know what was promised and how much these boondoggles cost us.  

I DO know that police don't use them to divert oncoming traffic away from the tieups before people get caught in them.  They happen anyway.  So....uh.  What GOOD are the cams, the signs, and the network except for newscasts which drivers can't watch?

That's Entertainment!

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