Nov 12, 2010

Read it: Suburban KC Teens Doing Heroin

Heroin snaring more of suburbia’s youth

Stolen from:

In Blue Springs, police dealt with five cases of heroin and youth in October after half a decade of seeing none.

In many cases, the way was paved by other opiates, the Oxycontin or Vicodin painkillers, often swiped from a medicine cabinet. But parents have become more alert to possible misuse.

While painkillers can run to $40 to $60 a pill, a bag of heroin, which produces a more intense high, is $5 to $10.

No trips on Interstate 35 to either Kansas City were necessary. The daughter said her dealer lived two blocks from Kristin’s upper-middle-class home in the 66062 zip code.

Read it:   (above: filephoto)

Here's one that's way better to not ever START on then to try to get OFF of.  Sadly, kids don't listen anymore because adults talk about all drugs being the same, including marijuana.  They aren't.

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