Nov 30, 2010

About tasteless sexual blogs, Katie's reported divorce, and other stuff

Boycott TKC for tasteless personal - specially sexual-- attacks.  Well, I angrily decided to boycott writing comments on TKC this week.  That's giving up a lot because he has enough topics going, I like talking with his commenters, some of whom I consider both good friends and foes.  But he refuses to delete tasteless, sexual trash against female politicos-- just hurtful anonymous personal attacks... and for that, I protest and don't want my name associated in the same place with such un-chivalrous behavior.

Hence, I'm giving up something that I love very much.... in protest.  Will I give in and post despite my angry promise?  Maybe.  For I hate to give in what I like to do so much.  But not under my handle, fer sure.

Stupid people say 'censorship' and that's not what deleting tasteless messages in a private blog actually IS, but that's a debate that was long concluded.  Is it a First Amendment right for someone to trash your daughter's honor on Facebook?  I don't think that's what the Founding Fathers had in mind with "Congress shall not...."  They were talking to LAWMAKERS, not ordinary folks like us privately blogging/talking among ourselves!!

I hope those who find undeleted personal attacks going past your own acceptable line, BOYCOTT HIS BLOG and EMAIL with your tips and withhold your comments to his he sees a noticeable DROP in statistics for a few days.  May not have to last forever, but he needs to see that you think there's a line of dignity he should NOT cross if he hopes to keep Kansas City readers like you!

Anyway, he's gone too far and his room, while still popular, starts looking like a Roman prize fight between the Christians and the Lions and my view is that it's crossed the line and I'm not buying a ticket to the room.  Besides, I spent too much time there.


Katie Divorce?  Nother case where Tony has no understanding of humanity... maybe without love in his life he can't understand how devastating how love LOST could be.  Sympathies to Katie and family too...she seems so passionate on the air about her work.  I'd not make brainless hay about trouble in the nest as Tee does.  He's clueless.  This isn't E!   Half of everyone is divorcing.  Let it go.   If you can't diagnose a relationship enough to TEACH US HOW TO BETTER LIVE AND LOVE EACH OTHER, what good is your reporting?


Federal earmarks.  As are too many politicians whose greed and power would sell out the country.  Here's what I wrote to a national site about the Senate's inability to ban "earmarks", which are clearly bribes for politicians to win reelection.
I don't care if the earmarks ban doesn't pass right now.  It will come.  Right now, the lame duck session has a tax cut on the middle class to pass and get into law.  And leave the republicans out there with no alternative but pass a bill to reward the rich.

I don't think it will pass and I'm sure the President won't sign it.   Hope the dems don't waste time... they have little time left.  Now lets get some legislation passed while Boner doesn't yet have to power to blow up the government.

Lets see some lame what's right rather than what's philosophically purist.  We're in deep shit.  They're gonna make it far worse, if they can.  We need a Wikileaks on the GOP.  I wanna find out what their talking points are, the day BEFORE they all start miming them!

C'mon media.  Quit just taking soundbites.  Do some RESEARCH!  We've wasted too much time.


Clay Chastain.  About that moron from back east shilling for a short line train to nowhere back... now saying he's going to run for KC mayor?  Eyes rolling.  Worth no further comment.


Government to try WikiLeaks founder for espionage?  I'm for it.   Media should not be exempt from Justice just because they call themselves 'media'.  They're no different than individuals and the First Amendment was never intended to exempt people for treasonous acts just because they commit it using "Speech".   That was not the point of the Amendment.  Hope the courts can figure this out.  I do subscribe to the notion that every case is independent of every other... otherwise why would we need courts to decide individual cases?  Disseminating secret government documents should not be protected any more than kiddie porn is.   Those are different than opining for political reform, which surely IS protected.  I read he's a foreign national...and that the Swedes are after him.  Good enough, I guess.


Wikileaks.  One thing about the leaks...I can't say I'm unhappy with the Obama/Clinton actions.  They're doing what I expect they should do.  While it make make them squirm, as what Hillary said she was told, "Don't worry about it... you should hear what we (foreigners) say about YOU!!"   I don't see this as a political disaster for the Obama administration at ALL.  While I am heartened by our work, I would rather not know so they can be more successful.  Unlike the moronic Becks of the world, I know that our elected officials are patriots.

Beck and his ilk surely test our dedication to protect a free press!  We can only hope that Americans are too smart to believe these demagogues!   BOTTOM LINE THOUGH... take WikiLeaks to court.  Lets get some caselaw on how far 'media' can go to be treasonous to our enemies.  IN WWII, the media didn't TELL what day D-Day would be.  Today, the media isn't pro-American so much as it's pro_PROFITS.  Let's just see through laws and courts, how much Disloyalty For Profit we're willing to tolerate!


Don't Ask, Don't Tell.  Sigh.  Much (Republican) ado made about nothing.  We're way past this, even if they hope to keep appealing tho those who aren't to stay in power!


Dream Act.  Well lets be practical.  The Mexicans who are here, if they choose to stay here in this horrible economy, fine.  GET IN LINE.  It'll happen.  America will not tolerate an undocumented society.  Play by our rules or accept being treated as criminals.  This isn't rocket science.  It's common sense.  I'm fine with work permits that can't be forged.  And a path to citizenship.  But learn our language, pay your taxes and become American, not Mexicans.  Give up your birth loyalties or go back there!  As the REST of us immigrants have!

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