Sep 7, 2010

Update: ‘Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath

  ‘Machete’ producers lied about racist bloodbath

Machete ‘race war’ confirmed as tax rebates still in question for anti-Texas, pro-immigration film

(Radioman:  This is partly a rehash from a pre-release trashing of the film, but also reveals who's behind it and other divisive political antics.  THIS UPDATE reflects the FINAL CUT version of the film.  Clearly the producer used a machete on it to cut out MANY of the blatantly racial scenes from the original film.  Tho not all.  Mexican supremacists will still love it, even tho it's not the explosive film it started OUT to be!)

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Sunday, September 5, 2010

‘Machete’ reached the #3 spot at the box office opening weekend. But after viewing the film, it is clear that its producers lied about the extent of the film’s racial message, which includes vulgar atrocities, including the killing of a pregnant woman attempting to cross the border during one of the opening scenes. This deception about the film’s message could bring its tax incentives, worth millions in production costs, into question.

The rest of the story from Texas Talk Show Host "Alex Jones".

  Some birds are noisy just to get attention.   But it looks as if the fancy-feathered ones here are stirring up trouble in the forest.  How come?

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