Sep 12, 2010

Machete: Cancer upon the world

The image of the Ko'ran since 700 A.D.  Perhaps 'peaceful' Muslims just haven't read it, or pick and choose what of it to believe, like Christians do their own texts!  This was on the front page of the Drudge Report on the 9-11 anniversary.  A man looking nuts, holding a knife and a young boy behind him.  Nothing in this picture was accidental!

Of the characters who brought us the actors for this shot, who shot it, and who got it to Drudge, and for Drudge to publish it, who was involved in establishing this deliberate image and what was their expectation?  And finally what did Drudge's readers conclude?

It would appear that Americans aren't the only ones who understand how to wage a campaign for 'hearts and minds'.  Looks like it came from an ad agency that also brought us THESE whose elements are identical!  Make no mistake, this photo is, in fact, terrorism by definition!

The PC crowd can go on TV all they want and lament that Islam is misunderstood.  But it's not.  The media who does those kum-ba-ya interviews, conflicting with these pictures, are just keeping Americans indecisive and confused on what to do about the Islamic agenda.  "Peace in our time," buying time for the Iranians to get their bomb ready.  Believe your eyes, not your ears.  These photos aren't peaceful.  They were meant to be intimidating.

  Maybe they weren't created for this purpose, but I'd suggest Matt Drudge puts them on because scaring people helps get Republicans elected.

  Remember when the Iranians photoshopped 2 or 3 more launching missiles into a 'news photo' a couple years ago?   See what looks like a missile launch on the left side? They're not that smart/dumb to use photoshop again, are they?  Just askin'.

Thanks Woodstock but this photo is too funny not to post!  (click to enjoy)

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