Sep 11, 2010

Just how far should we go to fight Terrorism? Have we gone TOO FAR?

Well maybe I'm just the one going too far.  Mo Rage, a fellow liberal blogger, and I see a fair amount a like.  If you want to see what we're kicking around, I'd encourage you to stop by his place for his 9-11 article.  Maybe I hijacked his piece, and maybe I didn't.

It's turning into the question of whether terror suspects should be SHOT, or TRIED IN COURT!

Yes he's even dressing me down for being too fascist in wartime.  Oh well,  It's an interesting read for those into the dark arts of our defense.  Maybe you'd care to join in?

Yes for a liberal from the sixties who usually questions authority, Radioman has been getting a little testy, lately.

Bonus Point:  Pat Buchanan wonders of Barack Obama is up to being a wartime president!

Bonus Counter-Point:  Nutcase Michael Moore says this isn't America if they don't put the Mosque near (or right ON) Ground Zero.

More really scary reading about American's reaction to Muslims:  Alternet Reports America has farmed out Top Secret Intel work to Contractors!  An estimate 850,000 people have Top Secret Clearances, many private contractors (Arabs work hard to make us as paranoid as THEY are!!)

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