Sep 7, 2010

America's Police: Piss on the Constitution! Enforce Order at ANY Price!

I do NOT agree with this guy's view to IMPEACH Obama for I support our president, but I served in the military to defend his right to carry this sign...and I'm SOO pissed off that cops and security people, USUALLY BULLIES, are IGNORANT of the Constitution they swore to uphold!   Read this pile of shit... and call your county and city commissioners.  

INSIST all of your jurisdiction's cops, prosecutors, and legislators take a seminar in the US Constitution.  Tread on us too much with your fat man bullying military tactics, and be reminded why we value the second amendment.  To protect us FROM YOUR NAZI ASSES!

The original post, which should show us all how cops/security have no clue what they should be doing.  Perhaps they should learn arabic and move to a mideastern country if they want to bully people who get out of hand.

Read, Surviving a Police Stop... HERE.  

Maybe police birds should learn about the laws they enforce... since they always say there's no excuse for ALL birds not to know them!  Why should police need their SERGEANTS to decide what ALL birds learned in 9th grade?

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