Aug 17, 2010

We are such chickenshits, telling kids there's a tooth fairy!

We blow so much smoke up the asses of today's minority young people!    Telling them to work hard and they can BE all they can BE!  The big lie.  Like the trick we pull about Santa and Tooth Fairies!  No ya don't get the pot of GOLD after you work your ass off as we lied and told you.  You did.  And we don't come through!  And too many of them think high school isn't about CAREER PREPARATION, it's a social event!  They have no idea why they're actually THERE.  No one Told Them!

If they graduate (and too few do), then what next?    Of those who DO graduate, we've been so good about jerkin these kids around, pettin them on the head when they're young and cute, and then offering them NOTHING when it's time to start their lives.  Matriculate.  They need to move out and and make enough to pay for a car and an apartment and buy some basic furniture-- an entry level living!  Match up with a girl and start as family. 

What a horrible case of bait and switch!!!!

Maybe we should just tell them when they're ten that they're slumdogs and not build up their unrealistic expectations!

I soo hate that we're blowing smoke up their asses to get them to stay in school, and when they do it as we entice them, there's no pot of gold at the end, after they actually DID what we asked of them!!!

Worse.  We tell them to borrow money and go to college and don't tell them that in MOST majors, they won't make enough to pay off their loans!  What kind of good advice is THAT????

Maybe kids shouldn't be so into EACH OTHER! After all, what do KIDS know about getting a job? Nothing!

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