Aug 7, 2010

Politicians and Chicken Little media in Denial about the Gulf's clean beaches!

Disaster that never was: Why claims that BP created history's worst oil spill may be the most cynical spin campaign ever

By David Jones
Last updated at 10:31 PM on 6th August 2010

Radioman Preface: We had to turn to British Press to find out how completely SCREWED the Gulf Coast is... not by British Petroleum, but by our own politicians running for reelection and the complicit media in declaring 'the worst environmental disaster in US history.'    Sure, maybe the "Brit Press" is cheerleading for its country's flagship corporation, but it appears the media HERE may need to choke on their own broadcast tarballs!

A collosal disaster that's ruined the gulf coast--and their economy?

Yet, as I saw this week, nothing could be further from the truth. Strolling along the beach for an hour, I found just one, pea-sized tar-ball which crumbled to nothing between my fingers.

When, as a young boy, I played on Morecambe beach in Lancashire, worse things often washed up from the nearby ICI refinery.

Moreover, if the U.S. TV news crews had returned just three days after their original visit, they would have seen that the black morass had already been removed by some of the 20,000 clean-up workers hired by BP.

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