Aug 2, 2010

Owners of BAD dog breeds KNOW their dogs are KILLERS!

And yet there's a certain group of men who keep bad dog breeds.  A cop told me once that those owners likely have small dicks so need these macho, oversized pickup trucks and big, dangerous dogs.

Fact is everyone should know, including those dogs' owners, that certain breeds are unpredictable and dangerous to both humans and pets.  Such is true of PIT BULL breeds and this last case, ROTWEILLERS.

Here's what two Pit bulls from the next street over did to one of MY dogs when their kids accidentally let them loose and they came over to my yard and attacked one of my beagles.   I tried to stop them during the horrible 2 minutes when they bit and held her, shook her to kill her, and threw her around as a dogtoy until she lay, in shock and nearly lifeless:

My dog survived because we opted not to put her down.  $7000 in vet bills.  Our neighborhood vet stabilized Lucy and rode in the back of our SUV to Johnson County to KC's Veterinary ICU where, in critical condition, she was stitched up, cared for and after a month's recovery, she lives with us today.  The pits had nearly gotten to her neck arteries. Of COURSE we took the dog's owner to court, he's been found guilty but he's a scofflaw and hopes not to pay the bill for THIS dog, and for our other dog who was attacked a few weeks earlier (Bill, $1,200).  Later, one of his two pit bulls attacked someone else's puppy and killed it.  This is a neighborhood renter who has 3 or 4 kids... who can't keep their dogs in!  Imagine.  Expecting 10 year olds to control such animals before their parents come home from work.

Government took forever.  Ya know how they are!  Too late, I spent $4k to build a fence to fortress us from those dogs because once they tasted the blood, they beelined for our house to get more, the second they got loose!  Who knew?  Well that owner did!  Ya just don't keep dogs like that in a 4 foot chain link fence or in a middle class neighborhood house under the control of grade school children!  Yet nearby parents let their children go play over there!  So the pits are gone but they got a Rotweiller and he jumps the fence.  It's been over since, screaming kids chasing it, but now it can't get into our yard.  We're finally safe.  Yet  people like this just don't learn and neighborhood people still walk their dogs and kids after work, and have no clue whats up that one street!

Off the internet, dogbite
What I learned was that some breeds are just very, very aggressive of OTHER DOGS.  Saw it in the vet's office.  Owners know their breeds are aggressive and anti-social, and they hold them very tightly-- even in a vet's waiting room where lots of pets are brought in on leashes to see the doc.

Just a few days ago, dogs bit a strange 4 year old child... in critical condition at Children's Mercy. We saw on TV the dog's owner told the housecleaning lady not to bring her child to the house.  But she did.  She obviously had no idea about killer breeds like Rottweilers!!!   Obviously, the owner knew what he had.  He reportedly feels "bad".  Well duh!  If the cops are going to charge parents with child endangerment, when their toddlers wander off,  well THIS guy should be charged for not telling her EXPLICITLY about his killer breed dogs.  I'm sure she had no idea and the dog's owner didn't make it clear that her child would be in danger from his DOGS!  And even SHE was in danger!

The trouble is, assholes who own dogs like this never have any money because they're stupid.  So you can sue them all day long but they don't own enough to pay your medical (or vet) bills!  Victims of vicious dogs don't realize how horrible some breeds actually are!  Owners do but they're dumb as rocks.  They aren't smart enough to get RID OF THEM, or NOT BUY THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

I think our politicians don't understand how important it is to ban certain breeds...because these dogs can be lovable to SOME people and then go crazy on other people's pets and children.  Below is a Pit bull as seen in the 1930s "Little Rascals" movie series.  Lovable, until they decide NOT to be lovable.

Even some dogs are fine with people, they will viciously KILL other dogs.

Owners of some breeds KNOW those breeds are like loaded guns!    The asshole I'm dealing with didn't even have collars on his animals.  Ya couldn't even find someplace to grab them to pull them off, assuming you're strong enough to break their jaw-grips.  Just forty pounds of killer jaws on the loose!  It was horrible!

Loyalty to the owner isn't sufficient.  Some breeds are just killer dogs.  Pit bulls and Rotweillers are killer dogs.  Some cities ban them, for good reason.   Yes, they can be fine with familiar family, but then....(well we know how unpredictable animals can be, whether dogs or trained Seaworld killer whales or Las Vegas show tigers.)

Don't buy them.  Get rid of them.  Sorry, too bad.  If you don't... build a very tall fence, keep the dogs in it and not in the house where if your children open the door, they'll bolt out.  And get renters insurance to pay for $8,000 vet bills like mine.  Or 10 times that, if he bites a kid and you manage to not be charged for involuntary manslaughter as you should!!!!

I bet your million dollar personal liability policy would cost you TEN TIMES what mine costs because you own a killer dog breed!   We love our pets.   There are so many great breeds to choose from!  Why chose a killer?

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