Aug 8, 2010

The lengths the right will go to distort images

Email making its way around the right wingnut circuit this summer

Yep, we got change all right

How to step off Air Force One with dignity and class!!!

I think this one speaks for itself!!!!!!
Enough said.

Actually there IS more to be said.  Here's what NBC said about it:

And here's the vacation picture not cropped so tightly of their vacation:
 I suppose it would be inappropriate of me to suggest that Laura Bush dresses more in keeping with the wife of a war criminal?  I know. Trumped up impressions are more important than reality. Well, at least, they're easier to justify!  So sad.  Tell that to the moms whose boys are killed or maimed for Bush's foreign adventures to keep the price of oil down!

Lets instead focus on Michelle's shorts.  Way less guilt!

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