Aug 20, 2010

I'm COMPLETELY against the new Muslim Center in Northeast KC!

Well this is great. A city and its token minority blog (TKC) always looking for divisive issues. Just days ago, it was about disenfranchised LATINOS. That didn't fly. Blacks have always claimed disenfranchisement. Which is surprising, given they've run the KCSD and look what a circus THAT's always been.

Now it's the Civil War again, North versus South. Arguments about who's more self absorbed.  (Watch for the Monitor and the Merrimac patrolling the Missouri River for raiding parties!)

That would be funny if it wasn't so damned funny! The northland's always been quietly takin care of business while the snooty Brookside-Waldo crowd of the LAST mayor's always carried itself like IT's still high society in this town.  (They had to have been soo pissed that Zona Rosa went in up north while the Plaza just smells of horse shit.)

Meanwhile the real high society, well the moneyed people, have been over west of State Line for decades.

Seems to me the Hall's white fences are on the Leawood side of the road-- though the Red Bridge crowd probably thought Leawood's just West Kansas City.   Maybe Johnson County should just go ahead and annex Ward Parkway... for most Johnson Countians think that's Kansas anyway, don't they?   Well maybe not anymore, since 119th went in and Ward Parkway Mall now looks more and more like Bannister.

Hahahahhahahha! This is sooo funny!

Now comes the northland, not OLD Kansas City, but NEW Kansas City.   Wait.  I'm confused.  The Italians always thought THEY lived in Northeast Kansas City but in fact, Northeast Kansas City is really Liberty!

We know what part of KC is important when we count up where the Popeye's Chicken shacks are, don't we?

Tune again NEXT month, when the divisive issue will be where to put Kansas City's newly planned MUSLIM Community Center!  (Awesome TKC Tipsters haven't emailed Tony about that yet.)

Oh, not so close to Don Bosco, brown people will get confused! What about the Koreans? We need to have Kris Kobach weigh in about the Constitution issues. What does the Mayor think? What does Alonzo Washington and Terry Riley think?  And Dr Laura's plastic surgeon?

I suppose it would be racist of me to suggest that maybe if Arabs hadn't been acting like ASSHOLES for the last twenty years blowing each other up, we wouldn't have all this divisiveness?

 Maybe you're confusing them with last week's big story, the Jackson County politicians?

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