Aug 9, 2010

Government EMPLOYEES just plain SUCK! Never hire them!

I usually just comment on TKC's room on topics HE originates, but this one set me off.  He reported that here it is MID AUGUST and the KC school district, in a downsize program announced many months ago, hasn't told all the teachers which ones aren't being retained.  They be laid off.   It's GODDAM AUGUST!  So here's my rant!

That is GODDAM DISGUSTING! Teachers not knowing they don't have a position and no time left to get another job!

Complete administrative horse shit. Those HR people were not heros, they should be fired. As well as those assigned to the district resize and reassignment project.

This happened because school districts are just too much like government to be efficient.

Do those people not have telephones to call each other and say, "Uh I need THIS by tomorrow... get it TO me or write me an email telling me why NOT!" And CC the Superintendent.

I did contract work for the US government (EPA) for a few months-- my first computer job after changing careers-- and was just amazed how government people simply work at a snail's pace.

Absolutely NO CONCEPT of the private work ethic! They don't even know what the word 'efficiency' means. Ya know how long it takes to get a drivers license or have some slow working county worker process your annual license plates?  They really don't GIVE a shit how long you stand in line!   Well all of non-combat government seems to work that way.

The legal system, also an arm of government, works the same way. Justice takes fucquing FOREVER!  They have no concept of "speedy trial" and they actually allow delay tactics, knowing that's exactly what's being asked of them!  They GRANT IT!  No concept of justice. It's why people wounded by others have to wait forever, and why murderers get to live for DECADES before being punished for what they've done!

Ya can even see it when you go to the window of the Post Office. Something about government workers.

They just learn that job security means you don't have to work up a sweat and "customer service" as defined by private enterprise, isn't an issue if you work for the government!  Because you can't be fired!

I've heard it said that private companies AVOID hiring people with government/career military experience because they're just horribly unproductive workers! I've even heard that said about Sprint workers because Sprint is run like the government too!


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