Aug 5, 2010

All the Candidates SUCKED!

Poor tony looses his best awesome political tipster--handler Chris Moreno fired!

But they ALL SUCK. 12 percent voter turnout? Why do ya suppose that is? RIZZO SCHMIZZO. ROYSTER DOYSTER!

(Updated: Star reports JXCO 16pct after all said and done.  JOCO over 20pct. )

The choices all sucked. People stayed home because all the candidates suck. And Tony's blog was a 4th of July Carnival booth, everyone beating the shit out of each other!!

ALL THE HANDLERS SHOULD BE FIRED, not just the losing half! Why? Because if they can't gin up more than 16 percent (that'd be the true believers who vote anyway) then they're all incompetent.

No excitement. Nobody sold their candidates because THEY ALL SUCKED!!!!

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