Jul 2, 2010


I say nope.  Ya just can't have a comprehensive blog when there's only one of you.  Tony kinda sorta does it but only for KCMO and JXCO.  HE sure tries but how can the guy ever leave his basement?  And there are huge holes in his coverage because of it.  He can whine about the dead tree press but even the stripped down Star has him out-manned even on their website.

Besides, blog software's single page scroll- down limitation is KILLING US.  As are their clunky ways to link to OTHER blog pages on our own site.  And labor intensive, unattractive graphics on most linking gadgets.  And how web pages and blog pages aren't as seamless as they should be.

 Just one scrolling down page with List Gadgets in the margin to link to read historic posts?  Or even Posts from earlier today or another local suburb!  Below is the best Google offers outta the box web software.  Most Gadgets don't show pictures at ALL!

Tony, I still think you need software that will wrap text around one inch square thumbnails photos.  My Yahoo blogger does but apparently Tony's doesn't.  On your Friday pages, (http://www.tonyskansascity.com/2010/07/tkc-weekly-power-rankings.html) All these people should have small pix which you should be able to dump into a page with simple cut and paste...as illustrated by my buggy E! RSS feeder.  Why? Bbecause except in KCMO and JXCO, all these people are pretty unknown except by news people and political groupies.  

Remember tony, we're TRIBAL ANIMALS and we stay in our own neighborhoods.  And most everybody except the Walnut Street lawyers have moved to Leawood and Lenexa!  And their employees have moved to Olathe.

Local vs Mass Media:  Is KC... a big city or separate neighborhood boroughs we just call city suburbs?

KC is not a big one-jurisdiction city.  It's a bunch of small ones of various sizes and affluences, like all of southern California.  Some of the people share eating establishments but I bet few Johnson Countians eat on the Plaza regularly when they have several huge, well-eateried business areas.  That will be even more so when gasoline takes the next, outrageous oil price jump.

I think KCK now goes to legends and Northland goes to Zona.  I don't get out east EVER but I bet Lees has their own as well.

Stop by http://sites.google.com/site/radiomankc/ and I'll show you how I'm trying it, magazine format with departments a click away.   I'm experimenting with effectively using RSS to use OTHER PEOPLE's work on my site directed to new tabs.

Like Drudge but prettier.  I'm not there yet because RSS is still a little undeveloped, especially with graphics.I know that's cold, but its a fundamental of layout, knowing how to wrap text and if yours doesn't, it's horrible software.

I've noticed Darla's web designer can't do it well, either, well for sure in Firefox.

Broadcasting has a terrible time serving up news in a bi-state metroplex.  People want LOCAL.  It's why the Sun papers are good and will stay around whether on paper or on the web.  So the TV stations don't even bother covering school districts and anything but downtown KCMO and one local mayor.  Their two or three 'liveshot' reporters follow the cops around and fill newstime by talking to the camera, eating up time until the weather comes on.  Complete waste of viewer time and their ratings last month took a huge hit in adults.  They're in trouble too!

 The Star has done it with separate runs even after their horrible layoffs;  I forget the printing phrase for it, but even big national magazines divide up their runs for advertisers and regional stories.  They get it, like Mexican papers get THEIR readerships,  Tony was praising Los Mundo, Dos Mundo, whatever,  for sluggishly moving into the web world but well, a lot of Mexicans probably want el periodico papel the old fashioned way for some time to come.

Oh well.  Our blogging software isn't well designed and I'm bitching about it again-- outfits like the Huffington Post couldn't survive without heavy linking.  They have layout people and that's all they do.  Layout, graphics, slick look.  And reporters do the writing.

Ya just can't one man band a publication like this or have all your stories just one scroll page.  It's just clunky.  I actually put your RSS feed on my home page but your T & A were either full size or incomplete So I couldn't leave your site as the first column.  Buggy.  And besides, I don't like silicone.

The Star and the Pitch and yes even the KC free press lays out unrelated news better that we bloggers do because of our one-trick- pony software.  I think that's why they can sell it and we can't.  There are too many bloggers writing mostly amateur drivel with only an occasional good read.  Too few hits for our efforts other than their circle of friends.  This is NOT mass media; I've been in mass media and this ain't it.  We won't last.  The net's going to leave us in the dust.  Unless of course, we start paying for blogging software.  But then it won't be a hobby, will it?

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