Jul 21, 2010

THE USDA Story. Who's the bad guy here?

If you've followed te USDA employee fired for a Breitbart/Fox News overreaction, and realize the black woman was fired unjustifiably... then you want her REISTATED and then want to figure out what went wrong with the MEDIA to cause t his firestorm.

Not interested in rehashing yesterday's news, faux news absurdities!  Suffice to acknowledge that some moron right winger fed Andrew Breibart false information.  He bit it because he will bite at anything that will make Obama look bad.  And FAUX NEWS (FoxNews) will ALSO bite at anything making Obama look bad, even without looking into the facts.  They just GO with it cuz Breibart ran it!  Fox didn't even bother to check it. Breibart didn't check it.  Fox didn't check it.  And so there it is, complete bullshit, never checked!

This is how a false story gets legs, and NATIONAL ATTENTION!  What should Americans think?'  We should think that today's JOURNALISM CAN'T be TRUSTED!  Especially right wing journalism who will run with ANYTHING that disses Obama`

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