Jul 21, 2010

USDA woman railroaded

This story about the woman railroaded into getting fired because of careless, incomplete reporting by the right wing media:  Briebart and Fox News.

This is not rocket science.  Breibart was careless in jumping on what it hoped was a racist story...and it wasn't.  Woe to Fox News, too eager to jump on a supposedly racist story by not checking it.

They can try to blame the Obama Administration or the NAACP, but the fact is, right wing media is at fault and their failures have caused this ENTIRE CLUSTERFUCK!

Problem is, right wing media will croak before admitting fault.  We who are more moderate understand the problem and that Fox News and Breibart is to blame... but the right wing loyalists won't accept it because FOX won't come clean.    Very sad.

I'm sad that the mainstream media is hesitant to name names.  Namely "BREIBART" and "FOX".  Instead they wang out and say it's the 'media.'   It isn't the 'media'.  It's FOX and BREIBART.  Not at ALL the media.  The "media" is way bigger.  it's RIGHT WING MEDIA, not the whole media.  We need to place the blame where it really belongs.  And they surely need to eat their responsibility!  And be revealed as the TORIES they are.

UnAmerican.  Seditionists!  Corporate owned!   They are NOT media.  They are PROPAGANDISTS for the wealthy.  Lets call them what they really ARE!  Fox is NOT a news operation.  It's a propaganda channel!

FOX News, and "Drudges' BREIBART NEWS'.  Those are the bad guys who did the whole thing!  False reporting.    And yes, stupid Obama administration for swallowing their bullshit and firing their innocent, horribly-trashed USDA employee!   BAD government.  BAD Fox News!

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