Jul 21, 2010

New Starweb: Midwest Democracy Project site

Heavyweight Website in the making!  Looks pretty readable, and with some effort thrown in. KC Star links up with KU/MU Journalism Schools and this has polish right out of the box.   I'm excited.  Check this out!

Here's what they say about themselves...

About The Midwest Democracy Project

At its heart, The Midwest Democracy Project is a grand experiment to find new and better ways for citizens to get informed and engage in civic debate. Our project aims to be the go-to source for trustworthy information as we vote and discuss significant civic issues in our communities.

That information will come from a variety of sources: from local media in the Midwest, from candidates and public officials – and most importantly, from citizens themselves. The Midwest Democracy Project is a collaboration of The Kansas City Star, the University of Kansas' William Allen White School of Journalism and Communications and the University of Missouri School of Journalism and its Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

The project launched July 12, 2010, but that’s just the beginning. The site will grow and become richer over time, adding widgets and databases that connect voters, highlighting pressing issues and delivering the latest and best news about the fall election and other civic issues. Social media applications, campaign finance data, videos and the latest news and commentary from across the nation and the region will be among the resources available in a flash. The goal is to create an interactive source of the freshest, best information available to make informed decisions in our democratic society

Read more: http://midwestdemocracyproject.org/about/#ixzz0uJojUcot

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