Jul 31, 2010

More anti-Depressants for Glen Beck!

In a speech Friday at the Muehlebach Tower of the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, radio and TV talk host Glenn Beck urged the audience to prepare for a “very violent storm.”

Beck shouted, whispered and wept his way through a one-hour-plus monologue (showbiz) that criticized the Obama administration, journalists, unions and some of the unemployed.

“We are living in unbelievable times,” he told his enthusiastic (sheep) audience.

Beck outlined strategies to help listeners survive the storm, including a reliance on God.

“They’re not an enemy of ours,” he said, referring to people he expects to provoke political unrest after the fall elections. “They’re an enemy of his.” (Racist in Disguise)
His appearance was sponsored by NewsRadio 980 KMBZ and several local companies.

Read more: http://www.kansascity.com/2010/07/30/2119105/in-kc-speech-beck-warns-of-a-very.html#ixzz0vHDtZZ1G

Radioman:  I never liked the idea of anyone being charged for 'sedition' as the Brits did back in the day, or even 'treason', which has a connotation of being 'trumped up'.  But let's face it, these right wing types, wrapped in the First Amendment and the flag for cover, are not moving our society forward.  They're moving us backwards by scaring the shit out of the stupid among us whose eyes are wide open, and that's so the banks and the big money people can lull us into taking all the REST of our money and what we've worked so hard for!  It wasn't like this when I was young.  Thieves just weren't so SLICK and wired in, back then!

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