Jul 13, 2010

Memorial Day: American Military Cemeteries in Europe

Aisne-Marne France, 2287

Ardennes, Belgium, 5329

Brittany France, 4410

Brookwood England 468

Cambridge England 3812

Epinal France, 5525

Flanders Field Belgium, 368

Florence Italy, 4402 

Henri-Chapelle Belguim, 7992

Lorraine France, 10489

Luxembourg,  5076

Meuse-Argonne France 14246

Normandy France, 9387

Rhone France, 861

Sicily, 7861

Somme France, 1844

St Mihiel France, 4153

Suresnes France, 1541

American Battle Monuments Commission
The Commission administers, operates, and maintains 24 permanent American burial grounds on foreign soil. Presently there are 124,909 U.S. war dead interred at these cemeteries, 30,921 of World War I, 93,238 of World War II and 750 of the Mexican War. Additionally 6,177 American veterans and others are interred in the Mexico City and Corozal American Cemeteries.

The National Liberty Memorial, a museum in Kansas City dedicated to The Great War, World War I,  is not listed with the ABMC.

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