Jul 9, 2010

Lady gaga tries way too hard to be outrageously hip

Just saw her Today show performance a few mins ago.  I'm sure all the hype will give her a gooo- gooo Gaga review but I thought she was an escapee from the movie Fifth Element.  Just too damned goulish.

I did sense from the Today Show anchors they wanted no part of her hype.  Even though she can belt out a great song with a nice voice, despite the smoke, mirrors and excessive lipstick, she ain't Madonna and ain't even close to Bette!

Trouble with the media is, they're always distracted by any shiny object in the water!  When willl her fifteen minutes of glitter be over with?  (BTW: may look good on stage, but NEVER wear excessive pure white or black on television because today's TV cameras just can't handle it!!)

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