Jul 29, 2010

Eww: Best Cable Anchors on Vacation

I hate it when Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are taking days off.  MSNBC just sucks when they're gone!

BTW, Only the snooty, know-it-all boring news people hold their noses when Barack sits down with "THE VIEW".  I was soo pissed I had to be gone this morning at 11.  I love seeing the President be less than "Presidential".  And yes, I think it's possible, he doesn't know who SNOOK (SNOOKI) is!  Moreover, if Snookicita looked like Rachel Ray, Chelsea Clinton or Lindsey Lohan, we'd all know who this Snooki character is. (She'll be gone in 20 minutes)

The Olbermann understudy suggested tonight Obama was being critical of the media when he answered a question about the media being preoccupied with CONFLICT" and sometimes is too quick to put things on the air without fact-checking.  Not critical, he was just being truthful, as most insiders know.

Me thinks for all the attacking that the media does, they tend to be a little thin-skinned when the light rarely shines back behind camera-- and that usually happens only when they commit worse sins that the government they criticize does!

I think the Oman did just fine.  And I still think Iran needs to walk quietly because he still might slap the shit out of them, even as he smiles with the ladies!

BTW, I found out on my own website tonight, "BEST OF THE WEB" that Ellen Degeneres was leaving American Idol.  Maybe you should browse it everyday just to stay UP on things!  Everything you care about is there, and if I've missed something, hope you'll email radiomankc@gmail.com with links I should have but don't!

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