Jul 11, 2010

Are Restaurant Servers REALLY Worth 20 Percent?

My daughter used to wait at Applebees and worked her ass off.  She moved me from a 10 percent tipper to a 20 percent tipper, but frankly, I'm getting an attitude, now that I'm retired and learning to live more carefully.  Especially when the pretentious servers interrupt me with irritating 'attentiveness' every five minutes.  And then the manager comes over as well.  Then the server again.  Makes me want to throw dishes on the carpet when they interrupt me to my lady in mid-sentence to ask me (again) how everything IS!  Am I really that irritable or do these morons think MORE is always BETTER?

Attitude Check:  Like that stupid ass recording at McDonalds of a real American asking me if I want a latte, and then I have to feel rude ignoring a recording and talk real slow to the Mexican they hired to work the window.  (Does that piss you off too?  If not, then yup, I'm just chronically irritable as you suspected from reading my posts!)

Slingin hash, mandatory upselling corporate style.   I like less upscale waitresses  in less upscale eateries who figure good service is best without all the bullshit and the tip will take care of itself.   I always make sure it does.

Okay, two good links for your perusal.  The bottom line seems to be 20 percent for FABULOUS service, 15 percent for ADEQUATE service, and 10 percent for new waiters, overworked waiters, etc.  (Is it really true blacks don't tip?  If so, my dad must have been black because that guy was CHEAP!  Dollar for the waiter, dollar for the collection plate!)

The only time I break that rule is when the meal was very inexpensive.  Then I always tip high.  Like for a 6 dollar breakfast where I read the paper and linger... I tip $4 because I held her table.  And if outrageously overcharged for average food and service, I drop to 15 percent, if my server looks like he/she is supporting five kids.  And ten if I'm reminded of that high school spelling word,  'obsequious'.  After all, pretentiousness should be a 5 point penalty. 

Here are the links.  Enjoy and go ahead and rip me for being insensitive.

Are Servers Really Worth 20 Percent?  (or 'are ya still workin on that?')

WikiHOW ... how to tip your Server at a Restaurant

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