Jul 22, 2010

Alonzo: What have you done for KC Lately?

I couldn't believe that THIS year, Alonzo rehashes his one time Victory, the Precious Doe case in 2010 on network TV.

  So what has he done for KC lately?  Just resting on his one time victory with Precious Doe?  Finding the girls killer?

Not like he'd PREVENTED a child death.  Only that he solved a murder when the KCPD wasn't aggressive enough.  A lucky break for the Alonzo dude.

  Among a hundred a  year!   Every year since then.   Maybe this guy is milking his ONE TIME SUCCESS!

Now he wants to be a Crimefighting Icon in KC?  Can a guy be a personality for a ONE TIME SUCCESS for the rest of his life?  Sorry.  I don't think so.  Get a JOB!  Get a degree in Criminal Justice and go to WORK solving crimes.  Get a degree in SOCIAL SERVICES and spend your life helping people PREVENT CRIMES!  Don't coast on your one time lucky victory!

Keep in mind, dude.  You didn't SAVE Precious Doe.  You only got a one time murderer sent to prison.  He probably wouldn't have killed another toddler anyway.  So don't expect us to blow an excess amount of smoke up your black ass!

Put another way, your efforts to bring her killer to justice just doesn't' make you nearly as IMPORTANT as you would HAVE US BELIEVE.   What have you done for us lately?

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