Jun 22, 2010

How much do we LIBS expect the PRES TO DO?

I grow tired of people expecting the US President to get them jobs, solve immediately all natural or other disasters and keep our lives happy and on target.

Maybe we ask too much of our President!

Lets face it, Obama didn't cause the gulf leak.  Or hurricanes and heat waves.  Or foreign wars.  Or even the bank failures, and layoffs while our bosses send our jobs overseas to foreigners who will work for five bucks a DAY!.

Only Republicans want to blame OBAMA (or whatever Democrat in power)  for all this stuff because THE GOP WANTS the PRESIDENT's JOB BACK, and then, they'll be fast to say these things would NOT be THEIR PRESIDENTs' fault.  I'm tired of all that political, finger-pointing shit!

Time to quit looking for the President to solve your problems.  Pay off your OWN debts.  Enjoy your family.  Plan for your kids' educations.  Don't buy more HOUSE or CARS than your income can comfortably afford.  Make sure you have a SECURE job that pays your bills and socks away a few dollars.  And then don't worry about it!

Remember... when the GOP takes over, they don't want the Government/Pres responsible for ANYTHING.  Smaller government, right? 

So if you have a problem with BP, write the OIL COMPANY, not your congressman or president!

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