Apr 9, 2010

Desperate RADIO Loses Out to TELEVISION once again!

First, the latest from the KC radio bad-attitude ex-jocks msg room's that  Star 102's Jeanne Ashley's leaving.  No details yet but Star's bosses already had extended her hours on the air which must have been exhausting.  And destroyed any chance she had to be creative!  Now, maybe even cut her salary?  Dunno.  But ya know, radio's in deep doo, with advertising revenue down so much.  The big corporations are automating most shifts wherever they can, laying off even those with familiar names.

  I heard KCMO-FM (former Oldies 95) ONLY has two live people these days and all other hours are computerized.  No surprise STAR cuts back to more automation to save expenses by offering Jeanne Ashley a contract she HAS TO REFUSE! Or whatever.    No one's said so far.  Ya wanna find out who's working at a station, just click on their websites.  One thing about radio stations, they quickly delete fired employees!  Sigh,  KC Radio Stations.

Same day the word's out that DJ KIRBY is out at MIX.  Not yet confirmed but well, ya know how tight lipped radio companies are!

Here was Radioman's take over at the radio room:

(Jeanne leaving)  Certainly predictable. Even Jeanne, worked to the bone at Star with a much longer midday shift, isn't as tireless as satellite-fed John Tesh from Los Angeles or wherever. And whether live or on computer, Jeanne and most live deejays are only one-dimensional.
As the new experts say, true media people don't limit themselves to formerly successful niches, like just radio jocking, or local TV newscasts, or Palm Apps.   The Internet, ipod music libraries, and today's  consumer expectations have changed it all.
So they need to do it all from now on to please our fickle demands! Trouble is, dear radio deejays, YOU CAN'T! Can you do Joe Scarborough with camera appeal?   And bring up nationally known guests and interviews?   Or have ABC Good Morning America's George Stephanapolis fly to Russia and be Mister HOST there?  

Local radio people don't stand a chance.  Most morning radio people don't play that many records anyway so why should we listen to their local bullshit? 
 Have you noticed that TV networks play HALF the commercials local radio does?  That, in itself, is enough to abandon local radio which sells commercial time for a song! 

The problem with local deejays is that they have built their careers on a one-dimension RADIO niche in a world TODAY even though every device now titillates EYES as well as EARS. 

And are interactive. Radio dies because it's limited to one sense... the EAR only.

Morning TV has eaten radio's lunch because they can SHOW us the weather and traffic.  Some of their anchor/anchorettes are sexy, and they have networks and staff behind them for breaking news and big stories from the nation and world.  

Locally, KMBC's 'copter pilot Johnny Rowlands (who may do some radio even when the copter's not flying) SHOWS it on TV from overhead!

This writer learned thirty years ago that TV trumps RADIO STARS!  

Except in the cars.  TV hasn't made that crossover to radio, (for some strange reason!)  But as an XM listener who has listened to CNN on the way to work, this blogger notes CNN, MSNBC and FOXNEWS really are just radio with file video.

I can't believe the cable networks haven't bought AM/FM frequencies which aren't doing so well to just put their feeds into cars!  

  But no matter.  We who care about cable news and commercial free music choices are paying $15 a month for satellite radio.

And finally!  FINALLY!   Liberal MSNBC has re-landed a channel on XM/SIRIUS for more level headed political people who can't handle Republican propaganda on AM RADIO!!

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