Jan 22, 2010

Poor people voting for the rich

The trouble with poor/ordinary people is that they're easily misled by the rich.  And so poor/middle class people will vote AGAINST THEIR OWN INTERESTS for the rich because they just WISH they were rich!  What a dumb idea!

This is exactly why working class people who have to pay high insurance premiums will vote REPUBLICAN, not realizing that it will cost them vastly MORE later.  Too bad most salaried people who vote for the capitalists will make the same mistake.  They will pay the price when someone in their families contract common cancer and they will lose ALL of their savings to pay for what their insurance company WON'T!  That's when they pay for their Republican votes of their past!  Pay DEARLY!


Anonymous said...

You watch... once this health care legislation blows over, the big insurance companies will STOP their advertisements for low cost alteratives. Insurance companies LOVE it that there isn't any competition for policies for your workplace alternatives.

Take it or leave it!

emawkc said...

I totally agree with you, RMan.

I got tired of republicans selling out to rich bankers and pharmaceutical lobbyists so I decided to vote for Obama and the Democrats last november and I haven't regretted it.

They way Obama stood up to bankers and gave them only $86 billion after they crashed the economy made me feel really good about my choice.

And, having Obama and his democrats face down the insurance industry and create a bill that not only does nothing to lower the cost of healthcare by creates a mandate that us regular and poor people MUST BUY the overpriced coverage proves that they totally have our backs.

Yep. You hit the nail on the head. Obama and the Democrats are going great things to poor people.