Sep 30, 2009

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Sep 29, 2009

Kool Aid Drinkers' lament

George W Bush who left the White House in a mess for the next tenant. And never did find binLadin after all those billions spent and Army and Marine dead!!

Let's not be giving him his DEPOSIT back!

Sep 28, 2009

Stupidity of KC talk radio: Talkin war trash

Did you hear Parks and Darla on KMBZ fanning the Winds of War today? How nice to be in control of the program and censor common sense! That was so like the thinking back when LBJ was in office. Those of you will remember with sadness that DOD propaganda song planted on US radio stations, "Ballad of the Green Beret" by SSG Barry Sadler. That song prolly cost us 20,000 of our sons' lives on the ground and 75,000 to spend the rest of their lives with artificial arms and legs.

As to our BZ talk heroes today?? Neither of them have military-age sons. Shanin is childless and Parks are still young. So it's easy for them to be bellicose with other people's high school and afterwards sons. Ya'd think they were like Kit Bond, eager for votes from McDonnell Douglas workers over in St Louis. And Pat Roberts, representing Wichita's Boeing people and other Kansas business owners with no military sons.

They're talkin pretty fast and loose about other people's military-aged boys who bleed US red blood and would rather not have to go over there for tour after tour! That's the price we pay... driving our soldiers insane... for not having a draft so today, no one has to survive just ONE TOUR in a war of the lost cause! We have a professional army now. Facing ever decreasing chances of ending up in ONE PIECE, tour after tour in the mideast!

I know I know. Darla's got a thing for men in uniform. Wait Let me see if I still have my Mister Softee Ice Cream uniform. I prolly wasn't high enough ranking in the Army. She likes those officers teaching over at Leavenworth not lowly NCO's. Parks actually asked why should people take Obama's word for how to do war as opposed to a generals word?

Parks clearly doesn't know much about generals and how stupid they are.... always fighting the LAST war. Maybe he's got a thing for men in uniform too! Utter stupidity to bleed our blood for those religious nutcases in the mideast. We sacrafice our lives to enlighten them after 700 years of religious stupidity? Whats with this nation-building shit anyway? Some invention from the braintrust over at Haliburton?

Here Scott and Darla. I don't have time to debate you on your radio station.

Again. We already WON in Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda has LEFT THE BUILDING! Time to pull out, declare victory and high-tail it like Nixon did in the fiasco called Vietnam which so screwed up your PARENTS' generation.

The Taliban's not interested in attacking the US... they just want to control the villages and we just don't' have enough Army men to chase those bandidos around the desert! It's a HUGE country and there's nothing in it for us.

I noticed Darla now wants us to attack Pakistan. Not bad. But let's consider the plusses and minuses like we need to in Afganistan.

A nuclear power. Yup Al-queda is there all right. if we just start bombing targets in yet another country, what will the world say?

Would we be better off just not accepting Arab visas? Will that protect us better? Do we give a shit who runs those countries? Should we just nuke those who have missiles or just attack their territory when we think there are terrorists on their property?

Tell us Darla. What to do? How to deal with that an the concept of national sovereignty? Can the US do whatever it wants? That fuquing girl doesn't have a brain in her head. that came after a caller finally slipped through and asked them what's in Afghanistan for us? Scott and Darla mindlessly talked about winning and losing. But lets face it, its very Bush like! And we know how well HIS ass went over!

The caller wasn't a professional interviewer.. but the follow up question, 'WINNING WHAT?" would have surely caused our radio heros to stutter. What did Vietnam win us? Cheaper RICE? This is the advantage talk show people have in talk show debates with ordinary folks.

Scott caught the caller off guard, asking 'what war after WWII was a worthy war?" It's one of his favorite radio debate questions. Well ya can bushwack an amateur caller.. like fishin in a barrel!

A historian would have smacked him without blinking that the Korean War didn't win us anything but a stalemate back in the days when our philosophy was to stop the spread of communism. And our moronic generals and foreign policy midgets did the same more than a decade later in Vietnam. Now, as we do business with both Russia and China, we know how quaint that was. Quaint isn't the right word. For more than a million died in Korea and 50,000 in Vietnam. And for what? Stalemate in Korea and defeat in Vietnam!

Explain THAT to their mom's and dads!
What would a historian say about these recent wars?

He might have suggested communism collapsed of its own weight, not because of our blood in Vietnam and Korea. Free markets killed communism, not the military.

Might have reminded Scott that McNamera has actually APOLOGIZED before he died for his flawed foreign policy thinking that screwed up the boomer generation and killed and maimed so many of us. How fast and loose you talk show artists talk about 'winners and losers', neither of you having visited our military graveyards or seen the wives and children lying there...wishing it not have been so.

Good Wars, bad wars.

I'd go so far as to say Bush 41's War against Saddam was a good one. For Saddam attacked an oil rich country (Kuwait) after misreading our mixed signals that we wouldn't do anything. Boy was HE surprised! And so he had designs on the others (Saudi Arabia). Bush 43's SECOND IRAQI war was NOT a just war, though because Saddam's ability to attack his neighbors was neutralized already by young Bush's dad. By all accounts, GWB just wanted to do it for his own reasons. We may never know if it was to finish his dad's job or what. Not unless he tells, which isn't likely.

All Bush 43's unprovoked adventure in Iraq managed to do was eliminate the totalitarian buffer between Iran and Saudi Arabia. If there's any reason why we shouldn't leave Iraq now, it's that. As Colin Powell said before he left the Bush Administration in disgust, "we break it, we own it."

And we clearly broke it. So now we own it. THANKS GWB! Why KMBZ's talk show artists are having a a memory lapse makes no sense. Does BZ's internet only reach Politico?

What did Vietnam give us besides 50k dead sons, countless maimed and screwed up? A whole lot of boat people and their children, we had to take or else they'd have been murdered when we left town! At least we let them come in finally. Adds to the flavors of the mix we call America, I guess. Every Viet in America is a reminder of our foreign policy stupidity... stupidity Robt McNamera apologized for, but our heroes on KMBZ apparently didn't make note of! Amazingly thy still think Vietnam was a war we could have WON.

What is winning, what is losing a war? Cheaper RICE? Cheaper OIL? Stopping the spread of evil Communism?
Making lots of money on jets and bombs? A big Parade?

But they have never been able to answer the very good question a BZ caller asked today, too young to remember. But WON WHAT? Cheaper rice?

Given that Al-Queda has left Afghanistan for Pakistan and other places, what is there to win THERE? I'd suggest Afghanistan isn't worth one more American life. We're done there. If Obama the candidate didn't know it BEFORE the election, now that he's in office, he's starting to realize that his data's better now than it was then when he had to rely on Bush adminstration propaganda! Why doesn't this occur to S&P? Maybe because they don't want to give the President room to learn and grow into his job?

If KMBZ's front people suggest that for an amateur like Palin, why not the winner? Or is it a partisan position not to give Obama so much as a square inch of benefit of the doubt? Well, our friends at al-BZerra don't even pretend to be objective. Of COURSE that's the answer... w hich is why someone in the REAL media in this town needs to shine the light on their nakedness.

Darla wants war on Pakistan! Where's GWB when we need a guy who will attack anybody?

Yup, she said it tonight. if Darla wants us to attack Pakistan where al-queda has moved and now the Generals admit has their leadership, including probably bin Ladin, well let her build the case on the radio. I'll listen. but first she needs to find out if our generals have any inkling how to win a war against a force against the US that doesn't have a country.

Until then, she's just shooting at ghosts in the dark. They aren't just Tories. KMBZ as a corporation is disloyal. Don't we have laws against treason?

If Obama has any faults, its for not doing to his political enemies what Republicans dont hesitate to do!

There just isn't a war that Republicans don't like!

I guess republicans want smaller government, but not so small that defense contractors stocks will go down? Right?

Darla. Scott. We need to withdrawal our forces from both Iraq and Afganistan. both are in range of Iran's missiles. We need to pull back.

We need to cock the pistol and bomb Tehran's government to the stone age before they set the world on fire with their threats, their tests, their deceptions. You want war? I'ts coming. But Bush the Younger picked the wrong country in Iraq. And he wasn't smart enough to get out of Afghanistan after the Al-Queda hightailed it. And especially. For a guy as reckless as he was in Iraq, he didn't finish the job to get IRAN off the agenda for the new president. What a fucckin wiener!

Again. Read my lips. We WON in Afganistan. Al-QUEDA has LEFT THE BUILDING!

The President of the United States can fly anywhere he wants, and run the country from Air Force One. He can go to Copenhagen and arm twist Republicans sold out to big health care, or talk to the hawks here or in Israel, or ignore people like KIT BOND who want us to wage yet more war! Like Vietnam. Shameful he's from our state!

I wish Obama'd go have a YALTA kinda conference with the Russians and the Chinese, and divide up the world. And leave a secret meeting in agreement to tell Iran to STFU or be back riding camels!

We need to shut those arrogant assholes off. Bush didn't have the clout do do that because no one trusted him. It'd be soo cool if Obama did.

Talk show artists need to understand that you don't have to be a Republican to be a leader. In fact, someone NOT interested in promotiing the military industrial complex probably would be much more believeable.

Not everyone on the planet's as hot on capitalism for its own sake as the GOP. I know you Rushbo Koolaid drinkers would find such a notion utter heresy. But unlike you, MOST of them aren't corporate CEO's needing to boost profits.

Sep 26, 2009

His Generals Blackmailing Obama

Why President Obama Can't Let Himself Be Blackmailed by His Generals

By Guy T. Saperstein, AlterNet. Posted September 23, 2009.

Obama's war zone commanders are trying to box in his options and have him send thousands more troops to Afghanistan. Here's why he shouldn't give in to the pressure.
Afghanistan policy has been under review by the Obama administration, and a classified recommendation written by Gen. Stanley McChrystal apparently was submitted to President Barack Obama on Aug. 3 recommending increasing troops in Afghanistan.

Two days ago, the report was leaked to the press.

This leak could not have been inadvertent, as the leaked copy had been heavily redacted, with classified materials deleted. It is hard to see this as anything but an attempt to box in Obama and put pressure on him to agree to more troops, whether any good strategy supports investing more troops, or not.

But before anyone, let alone Obama, starts bending to military pressure, let's ask how much deference U.S. generals deserve.

We all respect the commitment and sacrifice of American soldiers -- they are doing difficult and dangerous work few of us would want to do, and they do it under terrible conditions, tremendous pressure and great threat to life -- but should the military establishment and its misadventures be beyond criticism?

Georges Clemenceau, former French prime minister and the French war minister who negotiated the Versailles Treaty to end World War I, once said, "War is much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military."

He had watched Allied generals misperceive and misunderstand strategy and become bogged down in deadly trenches for four years, killing millions in the process. Do our generals deserve any more respect? Is their advice any better?

For most of the past 60 years, the American military mostly has been unprepared for the conflicts America has gotten into, starting with Korea.

Fifteen years after Korea, the military was planning to fight a land war with the Soviet Union, but not a jungle war in Vietnam; it lacked the training and equipment for jungle combat, and it had no clue either how to fight an insurgency or how to contest the political aspects of the war, which ultimately led to American defeat.

Thirty years later, after not anticipating 9/11, the military still was equipped mainly to fight a massive land war in Europe, not an insurgency, either in Iraq or Afghanistan, and again has failed to comprehend the political dimensions of those wars.

We have spent, and continue to spend, a gigantic (and unsustainable) portion of the nation's treasure on defense -- in the process crowding out important social services -- but has the national security state and overreliance on the military provided security?

It has built hugely expensive weapons systems that have little or no relevance to current threats, yet it failed to anticipate and avert 9/11; it has failed to bring to justice its chief architects; it has failed to devise an effective response to Islamic extremism; it has failed to provide security in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite the expenditure of $3 trillion (when downstream costs are considered); and, it has abandoned America's reputation for being a just nation that adheres to law and ideals.

If this were a business, would anyone invest in it?

The competence level of the American military is not something to be emulated; it is closer to the level of General Motors and Wall Street. Gen. David Petraeus and McChrystal are no more worthy of admiration than the progression of incompetent CEOs who drove GM into the ground and the crooks who pilfered the public with exotic financial instruments for their short-term profit.

Petraeus’s and McChrystal’s advice, which has been wrong in the past about Afghanistan, should neither be accepted at face value nor allowed to trump Obama's political judgments about the value and costs of continuing to wage war.

Military advice has the same relationship to good advice as military music has to good music.

We need to start measuring the military by the same standards we measure other costly investments: Is it working? Is it effective? Is it making the world more safe -- or less? Is America safer because we spent $3 trillion in Iraq?

The questions we need to be asking about Afghanistan are not included in McChrystal's call for a "new strategy," but they include the following: Why are we fighting the Taliban?

Afganistan: al-Qaida has LEFT THE BUILDING!

The Taliban never attacked America, and no one suggests they have the capacity or interest in attacking the American homeland; they are fighting Americans because Americans occupy their country. Petraeus acknowledges al-Qaida left Afghanistan long ago, but in the absence of al-Qaida we have simply substituted the Taliban as our enemy without asking whether this makes any sense.

And if the argument is that we have to stay in Afghanistan so al-Qaida doesn't return, does that mean forever -- at more than $100 billion per year?

What will it ultimately cost and how many American men and women will die for this mistaken policy?

Does it mean we should invade and occupy all other nations where al-Qaida might pop up? Already, al-Qaida is operating in Somalia and Indonesia, and what should we do about all the many weak and failed nations that potentially could be launching pads for terrorism -- do we invade and occupy them all, as well?

With the American economy faltering and falling deeper into debt to its most important strategic rival, China, can we afford the luxury of fighting expensive wars wherever terrorism potentially might arise?

What are the real strategic threats to the U.S., and is spending hundreds of billions more in Afghanistan getting in the way of more important security issues?

The Pentagon is now trying to muscle Obama into supporting the same costly policies that have failed in Afghanistan for eight years.

He should be reminded that Abraham Lincoln made a career of firing ineffective generals and got re-elected running, ironically, against one of the generals he had fired.

President Harry Truman fired one of the most popular generals in American history (Douglas MacArthur) and got re-elected shortly thereafter.

Obama cannot allow himself to be blackmailed by midgets and incompetents like McChrystal -- particularly in defense of a war that already has become very unpopular.

Once that kind of blackmail works, it never stops.

-- from Alternet

queen outlasts presidents

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Sep 23, 2009

Anti-Obama propaganda from the RIGHT

I expect what follows has absolutely NOTHING to do with Barack Obama... but it's helpful to know what's floating around the internet world, keeping people stirred up against the President! No, I didn't read all this... but I'm here to tell you this is part of what's floating around American right wingers....let them deny it's not about racism all day...but like black people, we whites know racism when we see it too! For many of us, it's a kindred attitude. For others among us, it's NOT. But we still know what it is!

And when conservatives including TALK SHOW ARTISTS LIKE S&P or Darla trying to deny RACISM which we all know to be truth... well that's just another reason not to believe a word they say! Except for those who want to HIDE their racism. They will side with the liars to keep up the fraud! Always with subtlty...but always there. Racists understand the code. The secret fraternity. Just as they did during Reconstruction! Racism doesn't change much over time! They only try to deny with more modern finesse! Right Darla?

But do most of us fall for that pile of racist crap?

Obama inspires Islamists' D..C. prayer rally
Shariah experts to proclaim 'Our Day has Come'

Posted: September 14, 2009
10:32 pm Eastern


Muslims who are working to stage the "Our Day Has Come" day of prayer at the U.S. Capitol have discussed views that include an Islamic takeover of the White House, from where they say President Barack Obama is providing their inspiration.
Building on the Islamic interest in Obama's inauguration, when Muslims claimed in a magazine that "It's our time," the event planners are calling for 50,000 Muslims to attend the 4 a.m. event on the National Mall on Sept. 25
The organizer is Hassen Abdellah, who leads a Elizabeth, N.J., mosque, and two special guests for the event, according to the website, will be Sheik Muhammad Jebril and Sheik Ahmed Dewidar.
According to the website, Jebril's degree is in Islamic Law and he learned the Quran by the age of 9.
According to blogger Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs, Jebril specializes in Shariah law and served as the imam of an extremist mosque in Cairo starting in 1988.
(Story continues below)
Likewise, the prayer day website reported Dewidar studied law at the University of Alexandria and took a master's degree in Shariah. He moved to the United States to lead a Muslim community in New Jersey and later established the Islamic Center in Manhattan.
Atlas Shrugs reported Dewidar's comments about Islam and the White House were captured by the Middle East Media Research Institute.
In the interview, Dewidar talked about sermons he'd heard that "Muslims should march on the White House…"
The interviewer asked for an explanation.
"One cleric said in his sermon: 'We are going to the White House, so that Islam will be victorious, Allah willing, and the White House will become into the Muslim house,'" he said, according to the MEMRI report.
Dewidar denied that this was a plan for a physical occupation of the building.
"They say that through the domination of Islam and its ideas, the White House will change," the report quotes Dewidar saying.
Atlas Shrugs also cited Dewidar's comments for a Muslim Brotherhood website that American society is controlled by Jews.
On an Arabic website, he also hinted that the American government may have been responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
His translated comments include, "Whether or not these events were planned, or pinned on the Muslims, or something else – [it] provided an opportunity for [the American government] to legislate dubious laws that restrict the growth and presence of Islam in the U.S," Atlas Shrugs reported.
Organizers themselves have credited Obama's advocacy for Islam for their inspiration.
"The organizers say that it was Obama's inauguration speech in January and his speech broadcast from Egypt in June that gave them the idea for this prayer gathering on Capitol Hill," wrote Geller.
While he praised Islam during his inauguration, Obama elaborated during his speech in Egypt months later.
He carried a greeting from "Muslim communities" in America, complained how Muslims had been "denied rights and opportunities," and stated, "I also know civilization's debt to Islam. It was Islam at places like Al-Azhar that carried the light of learning through so many centuries, paving the way for Europe's renaissance and enlightenment."
Besides crediting Islam with significant responsibility for the development of civilization in Europe, Obama also said Muslims have served similarly in America.
"And since our founding, American Muslims have enriched the United States," Obama said. "They have fought in our wars. They have served in our government. They have stood for civil rights. They have started businesses. They have taught at our universities. They've excelled in our sports arenas. They've won Nobel Prizes, built our tallest building and lit the Olympic torch. And when the first Muslim American was recently elected to Congress, he took the oath to defend our Constitution using the same holy Quran that one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, kept in his personal library."
According to a Daily India report, Abdellah confirmed the idea of the event "germinated" after Obama's inaugural speech, then was reinforced by the Egypt speech.
"For the first time in my lifetime," Abdellah said. "I heard someone of his stature speaking about Islam and Muslims not in an adversarial sense, but in the sense of being welcome and acknowledging we are integral citizens in the society-that we're gainfully employed, we're educated."
Gellar wrote of another event organizer, Abdul Malik.
"I highly recommend taking a look at Abdul Malik's Facebook page, and watching the video – during which he says many interesting things including: Polygamy is an American tradition," she wrote.
She also cited this comment from Malik: "Democracy is not revelation, and democracy does not equal freedom, for in democracy you have apartheid, you have slavery, you have homosexuality, you have lesbianism, you have gambling, you have all of the voices that are against the spirit of truth; so no we don't want to democratize Islam, we want to Islamize democracy. That's what we want."
According to Charisma Magazine, Oklahoma pastor Reza Safa is calling the Capitol Hill event a "slap in the face of Christianity."
"It is a mockery of the Christian faith," Safa told the magazine. "It's a mockery of all of it. In a sense, I'm happy for it because the church needs to wake up before it's too late."
The prayer day website says, "The Athan will be chanted on Capitol Hill, echoing off of the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and ot her great edifices that surround Capitol Hill.
"Our Time Has Come."
Obama repeatedly has denied he is a Muslim. His presidential campaign website contained the statement, "Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian."
But as WND has reported, public records in Indonesia listed Obama as a Muslim during his early years, and a number of childhood friends claimed to the media Obama was once a mosque-attending Muslim.
In Obama's autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," he acknowledged studying the Quran and describes the public school as "a Muslim school."
"In the Muslim school, the teacher wrote to tell mother I made faces during Quranic studies," wrote Obama.
In an interview with the New York Times, Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."
The Times' Nicholos Kristof wrote Obama recited, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent," the op ening lines of the Muslim call to prayer.
The first few lines of the call to prayer state:
Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet ...
Some attention also has been paid to Obama's paternal side of the family, including his father and his brother, Roy.
Writing in a chapter of his book describing his 1992 wedding, Obama stated: "The person who made me proudest of all was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol."

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Sep 21, 2009

KMBZ continued IGNORANCE. Afganistan is another war of LOST CAUSES!

(history: War of the Lost Cause is what many called the War Between the States... a war that the Confederacy coulldn't possibly have won...from the first day to the last. The War of the LOST CAUSE" It's a war many Southern ancestor worshippers continue to fight.)

Some dirt clod minion eager for a head-pat talked on Monday's KMBZ Shanin & Parks show about how his head was about to blow up at how outrageous that black group, uh, Acorn was for the sting last weekend. Of COURSE they got stung, ignorant as Acorn is. Course the only difference between Acorn and Haliburton or AT&T or any other major corporation on the Government dole is that they are niggers, not pin-striped-suited white men with lawyers, PR people and enough smarts not to let hidden cameras into their offices to TALK about hookers. Not that white men don't indulge themselves and their clients with HOOKERS. They do. But generally more carefully. Apparently white executives steal with more style and sophistication, and so won't get noticed by the 'new media' .

I was reminded first what the O'man said last weekend, and lets face it, he's smarter than ALL of his critics put together--and that must just COMPLETELY piss off those racists. He said the racist, hateful outrageous, rude crap we hear today by politicians are just 'catnip' to the cable people. He's so right. All this yelling and screaming and the cable need to feed the beast for ratings.

But I listened to some people on Kraske's UMKC show, talking about how completely screwed we are in Afghanistan. We sent our troops to the wrong country... well WE didn't, Bush did. Ignored the Afghanistan front. Gave them just enough heat to move next door to Pakistan but didn't actually take them OUT! Now Al-Qaeda is gone.

What's REALLY too bad is that Shanin & Parks are either too IGNORANT or to PARTISAN to bother to learn the issues, even from pub radio's Steve Kraske, as he hosts national figures to talk about these issues with REAL fair and balance. Truth is out there, but even tho they hear, they don't listen!

S&P can't even talk about commonly known military strategies. Shanin's even a vet and he doesn't know military strategy! Why? Because like their listeners, they only listen to those serving up the same KoolAid. Tories to be hanged, every one!

This is precisely why they were all surprised Obama won...and are befuddled to understand why. This isn't last summer. Election's over. Things not up for debate. They seem to think it's last summer and that's how they come off to their frustrated listeners.

Of COURSE Obama is reconsidering the Bush Strategy for Afghanistan and the mideast.
It's a year later. Things have changed! What, you expect things to be the same as Cheney explained them? Not likely! Whole different scenario now!

It's not Obama's job to give a general the tools he HOPES he needs to win a war with no objective. It's Obama's job to define the OBJECTIVE. Don't 50,000 gold-star parents in the US wish LBJ had done that!

Piss on that woman who called in all worried about what she heard on right wing talk radio. Why didn't you TELL her what was REALLY up, S&P? Or didn't you actually read it to know?

You know that the military doesn't run the country, civilians do. ANd the election is over. You could have said that, but you didnt. You don't want to piss off your right wing listeners, do you? You want only to REINFORCE their already stinkin thinkin so you don't run the off?

Why don't you explain these things to your minion listeners?? Or are you more interested in KMBZ MONEY than you are OUR SONS LIVES?

A careful listener would have noticed that OBAMA has given clues last weekend on all those interviews. That the target (Al-Qaeda) has left Afghanistan. Any news junkie learned that weeks or months ago. What do KMBZ's people do when they're not running off at the mouth?

There's nothing left but the Taliban in that huge rural country. IT would take ALL of our resources to beat them. Not even that is assured. Alexander the Great couldn't. The Russians couldn't. Obama, smartly, said this weekend that he was reevaluating the objective. He's smarter than all the hawks who own stock in smart bombs and Ready to eat Meals! If right wingers call him a weinie for cutting his losses, well FUCK THEM! Surely the parents and children of men who would otherwise DIE FOR THE LOST CAUSE would agree with me. But they'll never get airtime on KMBZ for saying so!

I just hope he has the guts to pull out... and not wait four years and 20,000 more of my peers like Nixon did in Vietnam from 1968 all the way to 1973. That was a long and costly five years for us to exit vietnam with 'er HONOR. My best friend and fraternity brother roommate died in 1968 and he didn't deserve that, I'm here to tell you! Yes. I've seen his name on the wall.

We do not need to spill one more son's blood to save Bush's dishonor! Sorry, we surely learned in Vietnam that no matter what year we pulled out, everyone knew every death there was for nothing.

As my daddy said, when youre digging yoruself into a hole, the first thing to do was stop digging. He was always a hawk so he never did apply that advice to his jingoistic attitude. But we're older and smarter now.

Time to cut our losses. Leave Iraq as fast as we can, leave Afghanistan as fast as we can. Neither country is worth ANY MORE of our blood.

One more thing though. How many Japanese and Germans did we allow into the US during World War two? How many black bag Germans arriving at Idlewilde Airport in NY from Lufsthanza?

Exactly ZERO.

I would rather we ban mideast Visas from coming in as we refuse to allow US visa's to fly to Cuba. Or then, to Tokyo or Berlin.

Those towelheads are not worth one more of our sons! Not ONE! Anybody who wants to send another kazillion troops to the WAR OF THE LOST CAUSE knows NOTHING about the military, history, Afghanistan in particular.

ITs a huge rural area. HUGE. We just don't have enough Armymen to do to Afghansitan what we did to Iraq.

And Parks and the GOP can say all they want about how the SURGE WORKED in IRAQ. It didn't. They just decided to stop killing US soldiers in front of the election. They turned the war on again. Had nothing to do with Obama. THEY decided. It's their country.

They laid low last summer just like they laid low when we first invaded with virtually no opposition. That's what you DO against surprior forces. Bush 41's war taught them that its futile to fight superior US forces directly.

You fall back, wait until they occupy your cities, and then start pot shotting them, killing one US soldier at a time. It worked in Vietnam. IT worked in Virginia with the Indians.

Scott Parks...don't practice military strategy. You have a journalism degree. Never took military strategy 101? Probably never heard of the 7 principles of war. Fact is, you don't know SHIT ABOUT IT! So don't lecture us, ignoramus!

And realize that the Generals talking today are saying precisely the same thing that Wm Westmorland, Army Chief of Staff said 40 years ago. Need more troops to win.

We have no chance of "WINNING" in someone elses country NOW than we did THEN, or than the British did on our very own Colonies 250 years ago. Don't get hung up on 'failure' Afganistan. Failure was defined in that God forsaken territory even before we signed the Declaration of Independence. Lets not get too arrogant, okay?

A basic of military strategy. You can TAKE territory with superior forces... but it will bleed you DRY to try to HOLD it! Show me a war that wasn't so, Scott Parks! You have blood on your hands because of what you HAVE NOT DONE, this past few years as you shilled gently for George W. Bush and his personal war against the wrong country to attack us.

And so does your political hero, Pat Roberts who looked the other way and said nothing. It was his JOB to know about WMD's!

Sep 20, 2009

Glen Beck: Mad Man

Here's a guy who is willing to trade THIS IMAGE which he willingly POSED for with his tongue sticking out, surely at Time's request... for incredible publicity to get on a Time Magazine cover. Not sure who is taking advantage of this case. Time made its point...and Beck got the cover publicity he sought. Search your heart. What do YOU think this Time cover really means?

And given what Americans really believe, deep down... did this HELP or HURT Glen Beck and right wing talk radio?

Sep 18, 2009

Most Christians: The ultimate hypocritical unbelievers!

So When Christians are surely ready to die, their families cry and carry on. And yet some Christians will pay any price to keep their loved ones from dying. Not all, you understand. Most of us know better. But the true believers are desperate to keep babies alive, and even those gorks on life support who fall off of their motorcycles, have horrible strokes, etc, etc! We have to tube feed them, use a respirator to keep them breathing because someday they MIGHT wake up.

Yet their belief is that when you die, you go to glory. You be with Jesus.

Think of it. They're afraid of death. Like Terri Shievo's family, strive to postpone her meeting Jesus, no matter what the cost Government (that'd be YOU and ME) must pay! Delaying as long as possible--for YEARS-- the moment of going to meet Jesus! Fighting death, even with every trick and magic medical science can come up with.

What's up with THAT? And how does THAT fit in with Health Care for Everyone?

Why hasn't anyone asked Christian churches to ADOPT these gorks... and maybe support a half dozen of them per church, for life? Since they want them to live? Like put their weekly tithes where their mouths are!

Hello Swine Flu. The shit has hit the fan.

Its only a matter of days before state governments announce it's here, and it's here BIG TIME!

Who knows how public health will deal with this? But frankly I'll have to think about whether I want to eat OUT, until public health figures this out. Sorry, McDonalds. So what will you do to safeguard your food from Swine Flu? Will plastic gloves be enough? Just how many germs are on your plastic gloves? How often do you change them?

Sep 17, 2009

Congressional Medal of Honor: Jerod Monti

God Bless him.

Fairness to Scott Parks on KMBZ

Did ya hear Scott Parks today...talking about a guy who threatened to sue after walking right into a glass door last night downtown in the Power and Light district? Parks quipped, Who's he going to sue? Windex?"

SHIT....that was sooooooo funny!

I'll go further. Both Scott and Mike talked some about how people tend to listen generally only to ideas that substantiate their own preconceived ideas. I was so impressed that they'd chosen to pause from their usual right wing rants to talk about this. Well done! They could take it further, but that they have gone this far so far, is just soo good.

It's scary that sometimes they say things to their listeners that make me so proud of them. I so want them to feel the need to leave BZ's listeners better than they were the day before. Not about a political viewpoint, but about a sense to think. They did EXACTLY that today.

So well done! Pls to not stop. God knows, we need to do this with our fellow countrymen! Teach your listeners... they so need that wisdom to be better citizens!

Sep 16, 2009

Racism or not?

Let's not engage in politically correct bullshit. No need to talk about this but since others have raised the obvious issue, it's a good excuse for us to think about it.

Search your heart and then you know the answer to whether or not you're racist.

And then do what you need to do after you come to realize your heart, when it comes to your political activism to do what's right for our country.

So YOU deal with YOU. Now, about ME if you're not too busy STILL fixing YOU...

I'll admit I have my biases and fears. I hate them. I try to suppress them. And I'm fairly successful. No one will accuse me of being color blind. I do know there are differences in the cultures. And that blacks are at a serious handicap.

I don't think its racism to NOTICE those things or worry about them. I think it's just reality. Some are the fault of the white majority, and some are at the fault of blacks who have chosen to embrace their black culture, even when it's not so good. Like embracing hip hop, to make my point that all things cultural aren't so good.

And to show that I'm not a bigot, I'll plead to FIX them, so those cultural differences won't be so troublesome.

But, who am I to suggest that people can't have their own cultures? I may not like what they decide, but it's THEIR culture, not mine.

Even suburban white sk8terbois!

And if they whine after the result of the choices they made... well, I might not be so generous. What did they decide? To speak ghetto instead of Obama English so they can't land a job downtown? Or dress like hip-hoppers with their pants falling down? Or get lots of gang tattoos glorifying gangs? Or earrings, or tattoos that show? And they wonder why, after applying in person for a job, they don't get a call-back?

My kid, who has a PhD, did finally cut his ponytail. And he did admit he gets treated more respectfully after that. Well duh. People have to figure that out on their own. When parents tell them what's so obvious, they'll just rebel. They have to learn it on their own. That may take a few years, and a few rejections.

Our personal styles, lifestyles, especially when un-traditional, have consequences when applying for jobs in the mainsteam community, right? And so does excellence and traditional behavior . People make CHOICES and they get the consequences, for good or bad! Banks and doctors don't hire hiphoppers but 7-11 does! Doctor's and lawyers don't do skin art... but maybe it's very cool for construction workers!

Fact is, if you look like a million bucks, well you might make a million bucks. But if you look like a loser, or an hourly wage earner, well you decided that already....people usually choose to dress exactly to what class they're in. Some people are just fat, rubber flip-flop, f-bomb kinda people. Others wear leather shoes and name brand shirts, and break out into shocked hives at the sound of irreligious profanities!

Ya can take one look at people and pretty much tell how much they make for a living, and from that, how smart they are! Amazingly, just one look!

Sep 15, 2009

Liar liar... rebuked because the Congress isn't a town hall meeting

We should have let the South secede! Turns out they are as sub-human as they claimed their slaves where. Wonder how many of them turn down offers to have their DNA checked?

Shanin and Parks drunk on the air

I couldn't believe Monday afternoon when KMBZ Radio's afternoon morons, S&P, were drunk on the GOP koolaid. They giggled out of control, laughing and mocking people who used to protest how when 'bush lies, someone dies'.

KMBZ spokesmen laughing their asses off that it's a CHILD'S PLAY LIBERAL JOKE when people protest about people dying needlessly. WMD's nobody found, 6000 Americans dead, tens of thousands American soldiers maimed for life by roadside bombs, a million Iraqis dead, as if anti- war protesting is a joke... even when over a personal presidential war in Saddam's IRAQ.

Do you think the GWB needless IRAQ war is a video GAME where it's about points, not our sons and daughters? That there wasn't a difference between Afghanistan where our 9-11 ATTACKERS WERE, and Iraq where we attacked just because GWB was fixated on attacking them? Despite overwhelming evidence IRAQ wasn't involved in 9-11??

I couldn't believe KMBZ's Mike Shanin, who had served in Vietnam-- even if only a CHAIRborne Ranger -- would so diss protests to stop SPILT AMERICAN BLOOD over worthless wars! IRAQ is as pointless as Vietnam EVER WAS... and everyone knows it!

Sad Truth. GWB is the most hated man TODAY since Hitler and Pol Pot were YESTERDAY! Hundreds of millions on this planet hate that man, hold him responsible for the death of their kin, and he was OUR leader! Does that not bother those of you who supported him so blindly, gave him confidence? Imagine how Germans felt after discovering what Hitler actually DID! Maybe Bush supporters should feel the same?

Our radio heros were goin on about how Wilson had already apologized after being leaned on by his superiors.. But as right wing talkers always behave, they didn't mention how hollow that apology was, since he spent the weekend raising money with his new found status among the Tories...and even signing autographs for dissing the POTUS. That blatant insincerity is why he got chastized by the House. And is just another snippet of evidence to independents that....

POLITICAL MORALITY has LEFT the building! And pretend to deny it or not, racism is alive and well in conservative, mostly Southern America!

"Bush lies... a child dies"

Like it or not, talk radio is partly responsible as an accessory to the crime of killing this baby, and so many more! Your sin is for what you FAILED TO DO! Because you were in a position of influence to do something, and you didn't.

Sep 14, 2009

Joe Wilson

Maybe his apology to the President of the United States was less than sincere since he's trying to raise money for his indiscretion in Congress... and that he's signing autographs. Maybe he's the very kind of hypocritical Republicans we don't want to have much to do with.

(at left above, Southern bigot desecrates our Flag by being photographed in front of it)

Today's upscale thieves look slick all right, nice haircuts, nice $200 suits. But unlike those who wear low-income jeans and tee shirts as they hold up liquor stores instead,

our suburban well-dressed con-artist types are still, ARE STILL, thieves!

Patrick Swayze dies.

Not that I'm into chronicling the life and times of the rich and famous. I'm sad he's passed, probably from drinking since it pancreatic cancer.

I enjoyed the characters he's played and his talent for making them come to life. He was far too young at 57. Sigh. More on this link...

Who watches cable news anyway?

FRI., SEPT 11, 2009
  • FOXNEWS O'REILLY 3,212,000
  • FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,644,000
  • FOXNEWS BECK 2,544,000
  • FOXNEWS BAIER 1,968,000
  • FOXNEWS SHEP 1,705,000
  • MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,067,000
  • MSNBC MADDOW 948,000
  • CNN BLITZER 889,000
  • CNN KING 875,000

This came off of DrudgeReport, which is very right wing. So I'm sure they chose the demographic that would most make Faux News look the best.

But even so... what does this say?

First... it says not that many Americans even WATCH cable news. Less than ten million isn't very many out of 300 million!

Second... because some of those nonsense Fox News people are close to O'Reilly's, we might conclude that the true believer right wingers get pretty much ALL their news off of this conservative channel, watching more than one of those Faux shows. We might conclude from that, that they drink a lot of GOP kool-aid, and really don't know much about balance. They listen to just one side, and one side ONLY. So we know they haven't decided based on evidence, they are minions to one side. So don't ask them anything without expecting a one-sided viewpoint. They can't argue the issues. Don't bother.

Third. MSNBC, which is as liberal as Faux is conservative, are getting a lot of hits these days. So while there are more conservatives watching, some liberals are also very intense to watch for THEIR viewpoints. That's new. MSNBC now has gained on CNN because liberals want to see THEIR viewpoint in the same Zeal that conservatives do.

Fourth. Those looking for the CNN brand of balance and international news hasn't fared as well in the US... even tho CNN is clearly the premiere news outlet for the PLANET ITSELF!

The most important thing to suggest is that most people aren't paying attention to the issues. Yup, cable news in the US just isn't as hot as you'd think they were! Maybe we can assume they only care about their own pocketbooks, not all these esoteric political doctrine issues!

I figure thats exactly why Obama has more on his side than the politicos wish.

Sep 13, 2009

Million Moron March - Glen turns out the nutcases!

The Republicans, bigots, and political crazies were out in full force Saturday in DC... emotions fanned by the talk show demagogues keeping them whipped up, on TV, and listening to their programs! With Republicans, it's ALWAYS about money.

Like this uncomplimentary picture of Obama yesterday, and an out- of-context quote designed to leave a bad image, The Drudge Report unabashedly shills for the right. All weekend, Matt Drudge headlined stories to make our elected president look bad.

No surprise Drudge
didn't use the Obama quote that we've pulled the economic crash back from the brink and now we have to squeeze the greed and injustice out of health care!

President Obama was elected to fight big business and their cash for congressmen lobbyists. To fix health care before those higher annual costs bankrupt the country and us all! Sorry. I'd kinda like to afford a house for ME, not just for my doctor and pharmacist!

Medicare for all, and to cut out the insurance companies who take 30 percent off the top just for writing checks for those of us who ARE insured.

Saturday's DC march was just the latest staged battle over the money big health care companies stand to lose! The corporate puppeteers running these things say it's about spending, but they've never complained before. They are now, only because they won't be on the receiving end of it. Of taking MY money!

Wait a minute. Quiet down. Why is this so hard to understand....spending now to save the economy from last year's greed by bankers and investment brokers? First, the big bank bailout happened last fall-- and was signed by President Bush. As to the newest stimulus... since tax cuts didn't work... not much spending has even happened yet. And enough time hasn't happened to end the layoffs.. that's been going on since US companies have sent jobs overseas to cheap Asian workers. That's a whole other problem just like is the one about US open borders bringing in cheap Mexican workers.

ECONOMICS 101: The Recession Stimulus. Today's government spending. Not the usual stuff when congressmen try to get needless spending in their home districts... you vote for mine and I'll vote for yours.

STIMULUS spending is what governments do to pull us out of a
recession, and there are signs the economy is out of a crash-and- burn nosedive because of it thankfully. Not a new idea. Pour money in the economy for a little while since there isn't any. Re-stimulate growth. Like drinking an Energy Drink to kick-start things. Get people working, and they get MORE people working, and it multiplies until the government can quit doing the stimulus.

WWII did it. Like the Space Program was good for Houston and Florida. Shipbuilding is good for the east coast. Fighter planes for Vietnam and Iraq and smart weapons were good for St Louis, and Seattle and Alabama and Wichita. And some dead end bridge in Alaska for Sarah Palin. Yes, Republicans did it too!

And there's tanks and bulletproof vests, and bridges, and have you seen
all those damned mile marker signs every two tenths of a mile on all the interstates. Do we really need 15 little signs per mile? No we need people working. Not starving. Not on food stamps and going home to get drunk, but going to work buying food at the store, and dance lessons for their daughters, and buying the stuff made and sold where YOU work!! They protest way too much.

Organized clowns to the left of me, morons to the right of me, Here I am. (Like the clown to the left, starting with his crowd waving and yelling when someone on his cellphone said the reporter was now on the air.) Rich people don't care about the masses. They have their stored capital in the bank and their stocks. And the dumb-asses who protested in Washington? Wonder how many of them work in health insurance???

Fifteen percent of Americans don't want health care reform. They like it just like it is! Taking 15 percent of YOUR INCOME for tests you don't need. And insurance check writing for 30 percent of your premiums, and drugs costing fifty times what other countries pay for them. People stealing huge profits off your illnesses, knowing you'll pay any amount to get well. This is among the reasons why foreign workers don't need to get paid as much as we do. Their doctor bills don't cost this much!
So don't waste so much time and effort trying to be a capitalistic purist unless you make a million dollars a year off of other people's hard work. The ones organizing these spectacles are the wealthy class and their business-bribed, out-of-power Congressmen. The last thing they want is a people's president. They are having a hard time buying him off. They've bought off the Republicans with their contributions to the man...but this guy has style, and that's very dangerous to them!

The clever, expensive signs are designed to scare you. He hasn't changed. The country changed when we voted the arrogant Republicans out and Obama and Democrats in. Now these new people have begun doing exactly what they campaigned to do and won the election: clean up health care and get us out of wasteful wars.

Just like the popular Bill Clinton, Obama is now GOP enemy number ONE!

What changed was who the president IS and what he promised to do if elected. It's an uphill battle because lobbyists outnumber congressmen six to one. So they're trying deliberately to discredit Obama himself with hateful images, and scare the already-scared nutcases who are in denial about him--even as he does what the majority of us want.

Republicans want to focus on the hate--they can't possibly argue the issues, the economics and certainly not the morality of fixing health care, the environment, and taking energy away from big oil companies and the arabs who have us over their oil barrels. The money and blood we've spent!!.

Some of this is racial too, we know our own hearts. But mostly, these Americans know that they don't feel as secure, times are unsure. And they're being whipped into a frenzy about the evil word 'socialism'. So right out of the 1930s Nazi playbook to manipulate the masses. Someone spent a lot of money, probably several thousand dollars just for these professionally designed and
printed signs made for only one purpose--to be photo'd by the media for Saturday night's news and today's blogs.

As to the Hitler mustache they paint lately, it wasn't Obama who set up Gestapo-like spying on Americans. It was Bush & Cheney who wrapped the
Constitution up in the flag and trashed it in the name of Homeland Security! And the fearful, dutifully, went along, trying to be patriotic.
These people simply need to learn that both corporations and government can equally take away our rights and freedoms when they hold too much power. Today, there's not much difference in them, especially when companies can buy politicians.

This is dirty trick stuff. A national groundswell of mostly all white, middle aged, not so smart citizens worried
about their futures. There isn't an economist among them. They're just dutifully turning out because the talk show propagandists told them to, and again, they've been scared out of their wits. McCarthy did it in the fifties.

You must admit, the images we see from these staged protest marches are shocking. They are not who we really are, and don't portray the Obama we've seen. He make sense, shows compassion, and he is who we voted for to turn things back around.

Unlike Cheney and the Bushes', he's not trying to make it easy for rich friends to steal from us. Yet the images paid for with big Republican money are very powerful and effective.

They prey on people who aren't so smart. Like the elderly, on government paid Medicare, now shouting they don't want government control of health care! Yet they gratefully draw Social Security to buy their food and and have their doctor bills paid by Medicare... which only costs taxpayers 3-percent, not 30-percent for administrative costs like insurance companies do those of us younger.

Where did the Republicans learn how to protest for TV? I think they learned these protest tactics from the Iranians years ago, who could turn out "Death to America" protests wherever there was a CNN camera. Those doing it now are unpaid extras in those little CNN movies, just like the Arabs did when they held our hostages!

Saturday's demonstration is probably not what Dr. King meant when he said "I have a dream", on the Washington Mall 46 years ago, in 1963.