Jul 31, 2009

Blogger Commenters: ANONYMICE!

What should we bloggers make of our "ANONYMOUS" COMMENTERS?
  • Are they smart and balanced and add to the interest of the blog?
  • Are they just hangers on, not smart enough to write their OWN blog?
  • Are they the blogger's best friends, supporting him/her?
  • Are the comments written by the blogger himself to generate fake interest?
  • Are they just unwelcome, bored interneTURDS we'd rather just go away because they're distracting the readers we really wanna reach?
Me, I like to assume they're independent of the blogger himself. But who are these people who don't write under their own handle, don't have their own blogs? They just come in and snipe in people's blogs, trashing me or my commenter s!

Don't anonymous commenter s need a name?
I think so. So what should we call them? I wanted to coin some noun that would end up n the URBAN DICTIONARY.

They love to call people "ASSHATS". That's trendy, even still funny so far. Should we call them "Asshatters?" That would work except they'll just move on to the NEXT trendy put-down in a few months. That'd leave us calling them the old fashioned "Asshatters". We'd have to change what we call them just to stay up to date. I just don't have time for all that, so "asshatter" won't work.

So I've decided to call them "Anonymice." Vermin. It disrespects them. Has the connotation that they're just annoyances, like rodents.
Sometimes most simple is best. Yeah. Anonymice.
Hopefully it'll become so commonly used, it'll end up in Urban Dictionary. I'd be glad to have contributed to the language, even if only to coin a word to describe anonymous internet morons who hide behind trees and have little worthwhile to say but some cheap shot while hidden from view!!

Now then. What to DO with these rodent 'anonyMICE'?

TONY TONY TONY. If you don't delete these Anonymice who just say 'niggrr' and other petty distractions for shock value, then you let them CHEAPEN your room. Letting their comments stand without deleting them even ENCOURAGES them. Why let blatant racists talk on YOUR blog? I sure wouldn't. I'd let them know by quietly deleting them so they realize they've wasted their time in their pettiness and I won't give that kind of language the publicity or the time of day! Knowing their turds won't stay in the room, they'll eventually quit it!

I must only assume that of the 45 responses... most of the petty comments come from 2 or 3 unemployed people (anonymice!) who are bored. Should you count them as separate hits? Well technically I suppose so. But not really. Lets visualize what an actual ANONYMOUSE actually looks like.

Consider Jabba the Hut. He does look a little like Rush Limbaugh, doesn't he? Self indulgent... disgusting? Talks too much. Makes little sense. That's be THE BLOG SITE HOST! The RUSHBO JABBA.

But what about the little weiner-turd huddling down next to him, the groupie that nods and giggles, says YEAH!, at whatever the fat blogger says?

There's your AnonyMOUSE, Tony! The little nerdlet in your comments who agrees with you, disses your detractors in those little 1-2 liner put-downs. And even the little obnoxious interneTURDS who diss you. Anonymice. Like little rodents. ONLY brave when anonymous. Never clever, just little shit-asses who can bravely cheap shot only when not being identified.

What to do? .. Should you just let all local rodent mice poop in your room wherever they please, or should you hose them out of here every night or two because the kind of readers you REALLY want, prefer clean shoes? Since you don't delete them, I guess you WANT them. Want to encourage them. Like they somehow prove people read your room! Sigh. Nah, youre blog's better than that. Better than THEM.

Well I delete/remove mouse-turds. I don't need anonymice to prove I have a relevant blog. I want to DIS-courage their petty remarks. N word not allowed. Either write a thoughtful albeit critical response on my blog, or no response at all! I'm fine saying the last word!

Jul 30, 2009

Are the Republicans really, really scared?

What do you suppose the dinosaurs thought when they realized after the meteor landed that they were about to become extinct?

Jul 29, 2009

TKC: Enough already. Learn the CLINTON Lesson. Leave the Funk ALONE!

Learn the lesson of US history, Tony!

Don't be like the Republicans were, trying soo hard to get Clinton impeached back in the day.

THE GOP STRATEGY THEN with CLINTON, as NOW with OBAMA... WEAR THE DEM PRESIDENT DOWN AT EVERY CHANCE, DISTRACT HIM, FULL COURT PRESS FOR 4 YEARS! NON STOP. What did that get us? It got us ATTACKED BY Al Quida! This is how badly THE GOP wants control back! They're doing the same crap again! They simply have no sense of citizenship!

They just couldn't stand that Bill Clinton won... and were too impatient to just let him finish his terms and do his job. What was the result? We kept Clinton so preoccupied with his IMPEACHMENT, he hardly had enough time to do his job properly. Clinton was always responding on TV to Kenneth Starr, Rush Limbaugh, and the litany of critical Republicans mouths CNN kept inviting on to keep their ratings up! Like our own John Ashcroft (R-Mo), who ran for president for about fifteen minutes on CNN.

And so a few months after Clinton left, we got attacked. No one will ever be able to answer the hypothetical that if the Republicans had just accepted the election, let Clinton do his job, and they did their OWN jobs since they were running the Congress at the time... that we'd have stopped the terrorists who prepared for months to attack us, but actually didn't attack until a few months after Bush took office!

Would Clinton's FBI and CIA have stopped it, had our government of both parties not been playing politics with each other as we watch on our cable networks?

Would the Republican-dominated Senate and House Intelligence committees have done a better job of making our agencies work morclosely together, except that the Dems and Repubs were being petty and fighting amongst themselves on CSPAN?

(Guys like Sen. Pat Roberts, (R-Ks) running Intelligence?) We'll never know! We only know that everyone then was focused on Monica Lewinsky, the red dress, and blow jobs--but not America's safety! OUR SAFETY!

Just what DO we pay government people for? Playing politics to win the NEXT election, or doing their jobs after we already decided the LAST one?

Maybe we should all learn from this at the national level, but also locally .
Maybe we should just leave the Kansas City Mayor alone and let him do his job until the end of his term. Did you hear that, blogger Tony of TKC Kansas City.
Moreover, just what useful purpose are you serving by hounding him, day after day, Tony? You need to stop and explain this to us!

And Republicans should respect the electorate's decisions and learn to take turns! As should YOU, Tony! And when KMBZ Radio invites Roberts on their air, why do the talkers always ask him softball questions? Why don't they demand to know why he didn't protect us? And the WMD circus? That was on his watch too! (That's Roberts, seen above with the President...)

They pretend to not understand why Dem office holders around these two states don't want to come on their air. How hypocritical of these radio liars! We all know that the Repubs get a pass on the tough questions and the Dems will get nailed because AlBZeera has an agenda they don't hide. The talk show artists don't really deny this if you listen closely. This is what happens when your station has lost its reputation as being objective and pulls out to stops to deliver Missouri to the GOP--at least to the extent they can keep the base listening and believing!

BZ's lost its reputation of being an objective "NEWS" station long ago. Most people know that KMBZ shills for the right, and that's what it does. Period. They'll have to spend a lot of promotional money to restore its reputation as an objective organization, if it ever decides to do that.

Moreover, it's way cheaper to sell out your rep than it is to recover it, as I'm sure KMBZ will come to understand--should they want to separate itself from the Republican party sometime!

If they ever do, I hope they're righteous enough to deal with it head-on. Say honestly, "we were misguided before but now we have it right. Sorry. Here goes our BETTER effort...."

Jul 28, 2009

MATT Drudge is an InterneTURD!!

His website is soo good, gateways us to so much great news.

The trouble is, he uses his great tool to subliminally point us towards the DARK SIDE. Small things. Subliminal words. Linking to the fascists but not linking to the people's patriots.

Very subtle but constant. I'm so disappointed. I wish someone with such a great service to America wouldn't pollute it with trickery. For once we need a medium that actually DELIVERS what we think it is!!

Sadly, Drudge is just another arm of the right wing. It makes me so sad, so angry how so many will sell out the country I love for money.

So do you get it, Scott? I know Darla and Mike won't. They're not smart enough. But you are. What will you do, Scott?

TEACHING OUR CHILDREN, passing it forward!

Driving a subway is so easy an 8-year-old could do it – and one straphanger claims that's who he saw behind the controls of his train.

Jules Cattie, a 41-year-old lawyer who lives on the East Side, was shocked when he saw a young child at the helm, next to the driver, of his Lexington Avenue express train Sunday, according to the Daily News. And the MTA says it's launched "a vigorous and thorough investigation" into the allegation.

"I saw him driving. He couldn't have been more than 8 or 9," Cattie told the News. " I thought, 'This is really dangerous.' That has to be the craziest thing I've ever seen."

Kids obviously aren't allowed to drive trains; no one's even allowed to be in the cab with the train operator, according to MTA rules. So if what Cattie says he saw wasn't just a figment of his imagination, someone's going to be in trouble.

At first, Cattie just thought the train operator was teaching a newbie how to drive a subway because he heard her giving instructions.

"It's green, speed up," and "Yellow, slow down," he recalled the operator saying.

But when the train stopped at 14th Street and a boy came out of the driver's cab to tell riders they were being held up because of traffic, Cattie was stupefied. He pressed his face up against the glass of the cab to get a better look, and saw what he thought was an MTA operator letting her son have a go at the controls, reports the News.

"The kid was standing there with a female conductor behind him. A little, little kid standing there," Cattie, who took a picture of the two with his cell phone, said.

Given recent news about devastating train accidents in Washington and California, the lawyer found the sight particularly disturbing.

RMAN SEZ: Oh pleeze. In about 1954 or so when I was about the same age, I got to fly a Braniff airliner enroute from KC to Dallas. Got my Junior Braniff Wings getting to go up to the cockpit... a thrill I haven't forgotten for fifty years! I was seven! Flying alone to grandpa's--probably against airline regulations!

Yeah back when you could sit on a pilots lap and he wouldn't be considered a pervert (as in this spoof in the film "Airplane"), and you wouldn't be considered a terrorist either!

Hell, now you can't even see a cockpit except for the five seconds as you board. Back in the day, airlines could fire kids up about flying careers.... but not anymore! We're all just way too scared for a thousand reasons! Too many rules.

It would be so good if the media's main objective today wasn't trying to scare the shit out of us to keep us watching!

Imagine all the bad decisions Americans make just because the media's trying to make money by increasing viewers and scaring shit out of us?

Sadly, we need to MENTOR these kids to motivate them to study for scientific and advanced technical careers!

This is all just a variation on what middle schools call 'exploratory career pathing'. My daughter had a life-changing career experience and because of that middle school 6 week drafting class, she's a major city design engineer. All back from one exploratory class we paid no attention to at the time!
Will society let us mentor them like our uncles and others older than we were MENTORED US? About ships and planes and trucks and designing and services and art and music and health care and fixings cars and building buildings? And be able to do it without the risk of some asshole on TV second- guessing our motives or decide we're stupid? I doubt seriously that the professional hand is far from the boys' who's getting a lifetime career lesson on developing vision as he holds a subway control or an airliner's yoke! Or pounds two nails into a wall, or glues two plastic waterpipes together, or changes a bandage! What's different between that, and letting a first-time intern cut into your body during his first surgery on a living body? Moreover, we have to start somewhere! Let them!

Chill out, media! It's how we olders pass our skills on to youngers!

It also wouldn't hurt if we males weren't so interested in ourselves that we'd see fit to guide those who will follow us on this planet. That's called being a good dad! And it's pretty damned fun! I just can't describe how I felt when my 4 year old son pushed his plastic lawn mower, just like his daddy did his real one!

Jul 27, 2009

The Alaska Sports anchor lectures the US media!

This is pretty funny stuff from Sarah Palin, who's top media job was to be a sports anchor in the most isolated state in the union!

SO the media shouldn't make shit up? Like about what? Weapons of MASS DISTRUCTION? Health Care? Torture? Your qualifications to govern?

Please Sarah. Other than on Fox NEWS... you should STFU! You embarrass yourself and all the Republicans who voted for you! But no problem.

I'm a democrat who just LOVES to hear you talk for the Conservatives.

Moreover, you said g'bye LAST week. Now again today. Are you going to say g'bye
again NEXT WEEK TOO? We just love you, Sarah. Tell us more about what you Wasillians think!

Computer Programming, year 1492!

Golden Oldie... ye friendly IT Help professional...

PBS: News Report from the Battlefield

Bill Moyers: Dangerous Alliance of Health Industry and Right-Wingers Will Stop at Nothing to Derail Progressive Reforms

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, AlterNet. Posted July 27, 2009.

Please a word or two from Radioman...that's me. Republicans like to say that Public Broadcasting people like Bill Moyers are LIBERAL. Well, they believe anyone who isn't on their side is liberal. Most people think Moyers and PBS are fair minded and do stories you won't see on the business (codeword: republican) channels. They bring some fairness. You won't see what he writes on FOX. And they hate that! So they hate HIM. But I always read him when he writes... he provides me BALANCE to the propaganda that business has enough money to buy to get into my head! Frankly, we should listen to people who aren't selling us something to make money. PBS isn't bought out. So agree or not with what they report, at least give em a fair listen. It provides you some BALANCE you won't find from the right!

As Republicans fire away on health reform, big business is stepping up attacks too, lobbying and advertising guns blazing.

Push finally came to shove in Washington this past week as the battle for health care escalated from scattered sniper fire into all-out combat. If it all seems to be getting more and more confusing, join the club. It's hard to see what's happening through all the gun smoke.

The Republicans have more than health care reform in their bombsights -- they want a loss for Obama so crushing it will bring the administration to its knees and restore GOP control of Congress after next year's elections.

In the words of Republican Senator Jim DeMint, "If we're able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

The "Waterloo" of DeMint's metaphor, of course, is not the 1974 Abba hit but the battle in 1815 that ended Napoleon Bonaparte's rule as Emperor of France -- a humiliating defeat and a turning point in European history. Right-wingers like Glenn Beck see Obama as Napoleon incarnate, a popular emperor who must be stopped.

Here's what Beck said on his television show Monday, July 20: "I'm telling you, this guy is dangerous. He's never lost before. He won't understand ... like, 'Who are you to question me?' I mean, this guy is practically an imperial President now. When he starts to lose and people start to question him and push him back against the wall, he's not gonna know how to react."

The Republican strategy is almost identical to the way they turned health care into Waterloo for Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1993.

Back then, one of their chief propagandists, William Kristol, urged his party to block any health care plan for fear that Democrats would be seen as "the generous protector of middle class interests." Now he's telling the GOP to "go for the kill ... throw the kitchen sink ... drive a stake through its heart ... We need to start over."

So in lockstep are the Republicans that when strategist Alex Castellanos issued a memo outlining their battle plan, party chairman Michael Steele parroted large sections of it word for word in a speech at Washington's National Press Club. Asked a health care-related question that took him off script, Steele replied, "I don't do policy."

As the Republicans fired away, big business stepped up the attack too, their lobbying and advertising guns blazing. The Chamber of Commerce, for one, announced a major campaign of rallies and print and Internet ads to crush the White House plan for a competitive public option allowing consumers to choose between a government plan and private health insurance.

In key states where members of Congress remain on the fence, the airwaves are vibrating with television commercials aimed at shifting hearts and minds away from any change that might threaten profits.

President Obama rejected the Republicans' Waterloo metaphor and mounted a massive media counteroffensive of his own. But the President has already run into booby traps of his own making and minefields laid by members of his own party, exacerbated when the Congressional Budget Office reported that reform plans, instead of controlling costs, would send the national debt further into the stratosphere.

Meanwhile, supporters who want to scrap the present system for fundamental change are staring glumly though the fog of war at a battlefield in total disarray.

They fear that in the White House's desire to get a bill -- any bill - passed by Congress, it will have been so compromised, so bent to favor the big interests, that it will be less Waterloo than watered down, a steady diluting of the change they had hoped for and that America needs.

The big drug companies are already so pleased with what they've been promised that they've brought back Harry and Louise -- the make-believe couple who starred in TV ads that helped torpedo the Clinton health care plan -- but this time they're in favor of reform.

According to The Associated Press, the drug industry's trade group PhRMA (the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America) and the drug company Pfizer "reported spending more money than other health care organizations on lobbying in the second quarter of this year" - $6.2 million from PhRMA, $5.6 million from Pfizer.

"Including its latest report, PhRMA has now spent $13.1 million lobbying so far this year. Pfizer has reported $11.7 million in lobbying expenses for 2009."

This is part of the reason, as Alicia Mundy and Laura Meckler recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal, that "the pharmaceuticals industry, which President Barack Obama promised to 'take on' during his campaign, is winning most of what it wants in the health-care overhaul."

Their story describes "a string of victories" plucked from the Senate Finance Committee by drug company lobbyists, including no cost-cutting steps, no cheaper drugs to be allowed across the border from Canada, and no direct Federal government negotiations with the pharmaceutical companies to lower Medicare drug prices.

And that's not all. The Senate Health Committee is giving the biotech industry monopoly protection against competition from generic drugs for 12 years after they go on the market.

No wonder the cost of reform keeps going up and up and up. Could it be that Harry and Louise are happier because, this time, they're in on the deal?

Bill Moyers is managing editor and Michael Winship is senior writer of the weekly public affairs program Bill Moyers Journal, which airs Friday night on PBS. Check local airtimes or comment at The Moyers Blog at www.pbs.org/moyers. Research provided by editorial producer Rebecca Wharton.

Jul 26, 2009

Who in Health Care is bribing which Congressmen?

Health Sector Has Donated Millions to Lawmakers

(Pablo Martinez Monsivais - AP)

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 8, 2009; Page A09

Health insurers and drug makers have showered members of the 111th Congress with millions in campaign contributions over the last four years, with a special focus on leaders who will play major roles in shaping health-care legislation, according to a study to be released tomorrow.

Health insurers and their employees contributed $2.2 million to the top 10 recipients in the House and Senate since 2005, while drug makers and their employees gave more than $3.3 million to top lawmakers during that period, according to an analysis of federal elections data by Consumer Watchdog, a California-based advocacy group.

The biggest beneficiaries in the Senate included John McCain (R-Ariz.), with $546,000; Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), with $425,000; and Max Baucus (D-Mont.), with $413,000, who as head of the Finance Committee will play a leading role in the debate over health-care reform.

In the House, the two groups gave $257,000 to Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and $249,000 to Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.). On the Democratic side, Rep. Earl Pomeroy (N.D.) received contributions from the insurance sector ($104,000), while Rep. John D. Dingell (Mich.) took in $180,000 from drug companies.

The donations underscore the stakes in the health-care debate as President Obama pushes for dramatic changes by year's end, with the aim of sharply expanding the number of Americans covered by health insurance. Obama held a health-care summit at the White House last week and has proposed a $634 billion reserve fund to kick off the process.

The health-care sector has long ranked with financial services and energy interests as one of the most powerful political forces in Washington, and it spent nearly $1 billion on lobbying in the past two years alone. As momentum moves toward overhauling health care, major medical groups have stepped up their lobbying and campaign activities while shifting money and attention to newly empowered Democrats, according to federal records and industry experts.

"This is the next big fight on Capitol Hill," said Craig Holman, a governmental affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen, which did not play a role in the new study. "Now that Obama is about to start making health care one of his greatest priorities, we are going to see these legions of health-care campaign contributions and lobbying activity as they try to win a seat at the table."

Consumer Watchdog, formerly known as the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, says the amount of money pouring into Congress from the health-care sector raises questions about the independence of lawmakers as they consider dramatic changes to the health-care system. The group conducted the study using Federal Election Commission data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, isolating the insurance and pharmaceutical categories from the broader health-care sector.

Obama, who is not included in the analysis because he is no longer in Congress, received more than $2 million from the insurance and pharmaceutical sectors during his record-breaking presidential campaign. All of the contributions were from individuals, however, as Obama forswore donations from political-action committees.

Jerry Flanagan, Consumer Watchdog's health-care advocate, noted that Baucus was the top Democratic recipient of contributions from health insurers and drug makers over the past four years. Baucus has taken a leading role in the health-care reform debate, and he issued a "white paper" in November advocating the kind of mandatory-coverage approach favored by major insurance companies.

"The concern here is that money is buying influence and policy changes that help the industry but hurt the American people," Flanagan said. "They want a policy that requires Americans to buy their product."

But Baucus aides say the Montana senator has championed many policies opposed by health insurers and drug companies, including cuts in payments to Medicare Advantage plans and support for importing lower-cost drugs from Canada.

"For 30 years, Max Baucus has only been influenced by one thing: what's right for Montana and what is right for the nation," Baucus spokesman Ty Matsdorf said. "Health-care reform is the same. His only goal is to make sure that every American has access to quality, affordable health care."

W.J. "Billy" Tauzin, a former Republican House member from Louisiana who runs the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), said campaign contributions from his industry simply reflect participation in American democracy.

"We do what most people do in political systems: We support people with whom we agree and with whom we believe in," Tauzin said, adding, "We also support other people who don't always agree with us but are honest and fair and open-minded."

Jul 25, 2009

Hip Suburban's on a roll on this one...

A very good read if you're interested in the president, the professor, and the police story.


Good Riddance, Sarah Palin

Thanks for stoppin by. Boy did a lot of people make fools of themselves over YOU! Now get LOST.

YouTube: Lets Get Married!

Jul 22, 2009

We can't afford Pleasantville anymore

OMG? California is short of money so has to release 20,000 prison inmates? Surprise, surprise! Welcome to the New MILLENNIUM, everyone! WE ARE ON A CRASH DIET!

I'm in no mood tonight to write a Pulitzer Prize winning blog. But I'd point out a few things for you to chew on. YEAH, more than a few examples.

Times have changed. We have priced ourselves out of the world markets by buying our way into the perfect society.

We just can't afford all the American niceties and perks of PLEASANTVILLE, USA in a world marketplace where we're losing our asses!

The Chinese and
Malaysians and so many others will build it for less, and they're getting the business. Even US companies are quick to discard US workers and our spoiled lifestyle 'needs'. It's about money. About costs. They can do it because they don't spend all their money on the frills that we have come to think are necessities to a "quality American Life."

Why pay 2.49 for a box of CRAYOLA 24 color crayons when the Chinese will sell you 24 colors, in a similar box for TWENTY CENTS? How can they do that? No aircraft carriers. No health care. No clean air standards. No local laws. Consider what we cannot afford:
  • We can't afford a perfect sidewalk on both sides of every residential street in America. Sorry, we have cars. Sidewalks cost too much for the occasional soccer mom pushing her cherub in a $150 baby buggy! Just how many people in wheelchairs live on your street? On ANY street? On EVERY street? How much does that cost, anyway?
  • We can't afford handicapped parking and access for the 2 percent of Americans in wheelchairs to every damned bathroom, sidewalk curb, school and office building urinal and stall in America.

Should we provide handicapped people wheelchair access to EVERYwhere, just in case they MIGHT want to work somewhere. Not just those who can't walk, but those who are blind, deaf, or SLOW? Allergic to smells or peanuts? Force every company to pay for elevators and parking spaces and wider bathrooms? REALLY? Does the law require fire stations to also accommodate handicapped bathroom users for firemen who are blind or wheelchair restricted?
  • And all the wasted space on handicapped parking? Besides, most of those people with stickers have been told to walk a mile a day for exercise.
Lets not just pick on the handicapped. Lets talk about stupid regulations EVERYWHERE we can't afford anymore...all the sacred cows!
  • We can't afford THREE, count em THREE, mile post markers every TWO TENTHS of a MILE on every interstate in America. A mile post marker every .20 of a mile, on the left side, the right side and the center of every highway, all over America. Now then. 15 SIGNS PER MILE, at fifty bucks a sign, a hundred dollars in state transportation crew salaries to stick em in the ground, and FOREVER to mow around em! For what purpose? Can we afford this? Who decided this?
  • Light rail? We can't afford to even VOTE on it again, much less build a train to nowhere. Send Clay Chastain packin'. Remember back in the 70s when our govt had more money than common sense? They paid Air Midwest and Frontier to fly empty planes on regular routes to such fantasy destinations as Dodge City and Goodland. Finally they stopped that waste of money. We should do that with buses.
  • Are they still providing taxi's to crosstown bus kids one at a time to special theme schools?
  • Quit busing kids. Make them walk to school like their parents and grandparents did. Exercise is good. Quit putting school bus numbers on the tops of the buses. Who thought THAT one up? And have you ever seen parked mommies with the engine idling, keeping their kiddies warm in their SUV's WAITING FOR THE SCHOOL BUS... rather than just carpooling them over to the school just a mile away? Catholic parents, we just drove them on to the school... we didn't have government busing even though we still had to pay for YOURS! Guess what? Our kids turned out better. But that's another story.
  • And just how many kids can a babysitter be allowed to watch so we can work? Only five? No laws in China. They just send em to work making tennis shoes.
  • But American Day Care for our cute little blue-eyed, white kidlets have to have fire extinguishers, and state inspectors, and federally approved lunches for our licensed home babysitters! If the state stays out of it, one mom in an unlicensed day care center takes care of twenty kids, not FIVE as under our STATE'S's loving, policy driven legislative driven eyes.
  • Cut back on 30 percent of the health care benefits for state workers, tenure for teachers, and AFDC/food stamps for the unwed mothers who should have kept her legs together. Let em get married, find that guy and learn how to live with him in return for sharing expenses! Why should WE pay for her to live without him and his bad habits?
  • Stop paying for elderly in nursing homes who are comatose, have to be spoon fed, have no chance of recovering, motorcycle riders on life support for twenty years because they didn't wear a helmet. If they quit breathing, or can't eat... let them die as God intended. Don't fight against, or prolong death. Assume they're ALL DNR, not the other way around!
  • Repairing broken hips on 90 year olds, whose nursing homes won't let them out of their wheelchairs anyway. Dumb. Make them comfortable, that's it. They won't walk again anyway. Yup, that goes for me too, when I get there.
There's NO REASON why my last year of my life should cost more than my grandchild's entire college education!
  • Release 30 percent of the prisoners, probably held on stupid drug charges. Or the burglars, force them to work, pay full restitution, even if they spend their nights in the jail.
  • Decriminalize the dope so street prices will go down to nothing. That will end the burglaries as they break into our houses and cars to support their habits. And cut back on 30 percent of the corrections cops, lawyers, judges and jail cells. This is complete insanity! Jails don't fix people at ALL! Lets not pretend they do! Oh wait? Law enforcement, prison building, is big business!
  • Cut back on state parks, and quit mowing the grass so often. Cut back on the number of waste containers every 500 feet, and foot trails for the few. And picnic tables almost no one uses! And stupid Historical Markers no one stops to read. We just can't afford so much money to benefit so few among us!
  • And highway patrolmen running radar. What predators! For 11 miles an hour, they're taking food out of our' children s' mouths! Ta HELL with the ten miles an hour as we coast down a hill on a quiet road where there's no traffic except US and HIM!! Sell the patrol car!
  • Let the grass grow longer along the roadsides. Force the pavers to build roads that last longer, with better materials.
Yeah yeah, I know. It's better for them if we don't, so they can come back next summer and do again what they didn't do RIGHT the first time.
  • Same with UTILITY COMPANIES, replacing their wiring mistakes, coming back to fix the power line that fell because of the tree they didn't cut down or prune back far enough last year!! Cut it down, don't prune it every 2 years AFTER the ice storm hits! Cut it down. If the owner objects, then charge him for every subsequent line-down cost!
  • Did you know this? When a company leaves an office building, the computer cable company CUTS the LINES at the wall, so that the NEXT tenant can't use them? Yup. It's an industry custom. Make every new tenant REWIRE the office space, not use the existing wires! That's what is JOB SECURITY for the computer networking wiring industry!!

  • Fewer meetings for state officials. Less perks. Fewer state owned cars. Fewer trips.Just how much value's added to the citizens for all these $60 k middle managers meeting in conference rooms twice a week?

  • Who cares where the perverts live... the ones SEDUCING YOUR KIDS at YOUR HOUSE were your stepbrothers, nephews, daughter's best friend's older brother, his dope infested best friend when you're not home supervising ! Not some older, creepy looking stranger a half a mile away, who no one will hire.
  • No new textbooks for every kid every 3 years. Make em use the old ones. Get rid of all these football teams and trips for athletes who grow up bullying skinny or fat boys, and date-raping the girls. Spend that money on academics, not sports which don't generate real careers. More science. More careers geared towards nursing and health care, business, where the jobs are. Less advanced art and music classes, more computer skills. The art and music is very important and GOOD, but for enrichment, not career pathing! Schools should mostly prepare our children for CAREERS!
  • Advanced schooling after high school. If 12 years of education isn't enough for career prep... then society needs to pay two more. 2 more years after high school for COLLEGE or trade school. If kids fritter that away, too, then we DO need people to pick lettuce!
  • No more biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs and sausage for free school breakfasts for the poor in those free schoolprograms. Feed em CEREAL, like most kids eat, and maybe they wont' become FAT as well as poor!
  • And what's up with all those signs everywhere, signs warning us of signs ahead, and even the new black DIGITAL High TECH overheads that don't tell us about traffic tie-ups two miles ahead? Who spent all THAT money for NOTHING? Who's at the keyboard during drive times for those?
  • Why do cities constantly chase federal dollars? KC compares itself to St Louis and we're angry if St Louis got more earmarks from DC than we do. What we need is crosstown busing for workers... this isn't rocket science and why do we need the FEDS to pay for this with free money that's not free? Cities around here need to join forces despite jurisdictions -- and move residents from where they live to where the JOBS are, no matter what side of they state line they're on!
  • Soccer teams, sports teams? Tax funded stadiums? What we need are JOBS, long term jobs. And retraining to make sure our workers are up to holding them! Few of those athletes are worth what we pay in beer and cable TV fees to support their drug infested, wife beating million dollar asses!
  • What state legislator loonie set the rules that said you can draw unemployment benefits but ONLY if you DON'T spend any days to learn new skills so YOU CAN GET A FUQINGNEW JOB?
  • OFFENSIVE COMMENTS IN THE WORKPLACE OR ANYWHERE ELSE? Who can afford to have some heavy set black woman with hurt feelings bilk city taxpayers because the mayor's wife was so mean to suggest she looks like a 'mammy??" Half a million dollar settlement? Seriously? Let me find some pancakes!

Anybody over 200 pounds protesteth too much indignation over being called Mammy or Pappy. If if we look like Aunt Jemima, well... maybe we should have that nickname, and without the half million bucks! Maybe we should back off on the fried chicken.

et it? We can't afford storybook Better Homes & Gardens magazine cover America anymore. That "PLEASANTVILLE."

We can't afford it! Not in schools, health care, highways, cops, courts, anything. TIME TO CUT BACK
! Crash diet time! And probably for a very long time until the Chinese and Indians and the rest of the world catches up to our Wastefulville ways!!

We need to GET OVER ourselves. And our politicians, of whichever political party, need to disclose where they get their bribes (er, 'campaign contributions')

And make TALK RADIO (like these talkers at right-wing KM-al-BZerra) hold THEIR republican friends' feet to the fire--not just the Democrats. If talk radio refuses, then time to ask them who's paying them NOT to!

If they say 'no one' then tell them to be more even handed in their questions and criticism. For every health care company/ executive/ association they interview, ask them which politicians they contribute to. For every politician trying to stop health care reform, ask them who in the industry contributes to their campaigns.

ONLY THEN, will we know Why PEOPLE TAKE THE POSITIONS THEY DO! All of us Americans have a stake in this!

Wait! Don't know what Pleasantville is? Here's the trailer of the movie... that you will RENT TONIGHT!

Jul 19, 2009

Darla Jaye... A GeeOh Probot or a real (albeit misguided) human?

Trying to put off outside chores as long as possible, I was clearing out the clutter of my site's stale bloglinks. Was figuring that I'd be getting rid of Darla's show notes for they'd slipped a lot when her producer got cut last fall.

But they're much better lately. Some multi-media. (BTW, when adding a Youtube, choose one of the narrower width versions (like 350-375... they offer several sizes) ...it'll fit better on your page. You still need to learn how to wordwrap around your photos so they don't leave so much whitespace-- try rightlicking on them after you lay them in...see if there's a 'wrap ON' function.)

Her stuff's still unabashedly right wing propaganda, but more worth reading lately, if for nothing else but to see what nonsense the enemy's making up.

Happened across this very good picture of Darla and her dad. NO? NOT her dad? Steve FORBES? Forbes. Well, whoever. Darla really looks good in this picture. Not heavy, not emaciated by dieting...and a really warm smile. If only she was a progressive (grin!)

Visions Fine Arts Gallery

Nice, huh?

Look CLOSER....

You gotta check this out The Link http://www.visionsfineart.com/ocampo/aa_index.html/aa_index.html

Jul 18, 2009

ACLU: Freedom Can't Protect Itself!

Guest message from the Radio Room:
What Darla,Kris and Hannity does not want you to know.

Posted by Truth Seeker on 7/17/2009, 7:47 pm

This is what Kobach Darla J and Savage and Hannity and Limbaugh fears. Plus as a Lawyer Kris knows better but has sold out. They won't allow anyone who can prove them wrong on the show. You can research these facts for yourself if you don't believe me. So the next time anyone of these people say anything negative about this organization please refer to the cases below. Also please do the independent research yourself if you do not believe these links.WATCH THEIR HEAD EXPLODE!

ACLU defends Christians too... plus free speech, students, hospital & mental patients, and prisoners.








And RMAN's two cents as well about talk radio:
Radio Talk Tories to be Hanged

And about Liberals and the ACLU, which protects our Liberty!
The Truth about Liberals

Bottom Line Nails KCTV for the shitheads they are


And of course I never miss the opportunity to nail local television too for how they've let us all down for money.

Put another way, don't expect them to cover breaking news. Corporate television is what broke it in the first place.

Local News: What TV stations Don't Want you to Know