Jun 1, 2009

Attn FBI: Christian domestic terrorists!

Right wing talkers, religious zealots are quietly-- and not so quietly-- rejoicing tonight.

Plenty of discussion about it. All I have to say is that it's time we build more cells in Gitmo... and not for ARAB religious nuts. This friends is a dress rehersal for what we'll have to do to prevent them from bringing back a Second Millenium version of the Dark Ages.

As the republicans say, keep your powder dry. There'll be a time when the word revolution becomes fashionable again. Very unfortunate but religion always manages, eventually, to get too big for its britches and needs to be brought down.

A case is easily being made in this news cycle that the zealots and the media that loves them, have egged the nutcases to murder, since they can't manage to ban abortion legally.

That's conspiracy and terrorism.
It should be a crime. It's 9-11 but on a smaller scale. It's the Klan hanging uppity blacks in the South in the thirties.

That's big boy stuff. Like happened in Europe during the thirties, and we know what happened in the forties!

It'll happen in Europe in the next few years for they have too much history to be taken down at the point of a sword that happened to the Ottoman Empire. They are experts at defining purity and achieving cultural purity.

Here, it'll take longer but NOT MUCH LONGER. Yes, we'll choke on turn-of- the- century "Political Correctness" to save ourselves, once we discover that our liberty is in grave danger. Now, we're only seeing the winds of war again. Sadly, every generation of democracy and plenty has has to learn the same lesson the hard way.

Time to look up the phrase 'slippery slope.'

So if the right to lifers... and the "Right to Lifers" ... do they declare their abhorrence to Tiller's assassination...or are they lying to us like the Arabs do? Lying to cover up the evil they hide in themselves? And their false philosophy that ENDS justify MEANS! Check it out. Some are calling Tiller's murderer a hero; so much for the rule of law?

Is there really any difference between Arab terrorists and America ones?

You won't see Fox's views on rachel.msnbc.com. Moreover, the Republicans have the right idea; they've just misidentified the enemy once again.

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