May 31, 2009

Tiller shot/killed

Would you think use of the word 'assassinated' gives abortion too much dignity?

WICHITA, Kan. — DEVELOPING: Media outlets are reporting that late-term abortion doctor George Tiller has been shot and killed at his church in Wichita, Kan.

Anonymous police sources told The Wichita Eagle and other media that the 67-year-old doctor was killed Sunday morning at Reformation Lutheran Church.

Police spokesman Gordon Bassham would not confirm the victim's identity pending notification of relatives but said a 67-year-old "high-profile individual in the community" was shot and killed.

Tiller has been among the few U.S. physicians performing late-term abortions. His clinic has repeatedly been the site of protests for about two decades and he was shot and wounded by a protester in 1993. (--from the internet)

(RMAN heard it when CNN cut in on XM radio--how many local radio stations have reported this sensational news today?)

Wichita's always gotten lots of strange press, more than the strangeness of its town deserves. There was a UT style sniper from the city's tallest building in the late 70s . I remember one Gay Pride parade--the first one, I think-- thirty years ago down there that drew Anita Bryant, Florida orange juice peddler and former Miss America, who's views were similar to Fred Phelps', from sister city Topeka.

This one will be big and have far reaching ramifications, I think lots of people, rightly or wrongly will take a side than the shooter didn't intend. Or maybe a rekindled debate is EXACTLY what the shooter has forfeited his freedom to do.

This is gonna be one big Barnum & Bailey Circus, I think. For many months to come as the shooter winds his way through a long media trial that will be covered wall to wall on the tellie. Ya know how much Colorado had wished the Columbine shootings had been somewhere else but in their colorful state, and at the school named after their State Flower? And Dallas being stuck with JFK's assassination? Amd Topeka getting stuck with being Fred Phelps' hometown?

Many Kansans, including all involved in DooDah's local Chamber of Commerce will surely wish this had happened someplace ELSE.

To the chagrin of many talk show hosts, well like fluoridation, abortion just keeps coming back as a topic listeners want to talk about far more than the hosts!

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