Apr 29, 2009

Obama, a stark contrast to what we could've had again.

Even as we listen to the whining and pettiness of the same old, grand old party and its radio minions, isn't it refreshing we have a president that exudes class, confidence.

And to think, KCMO's right wing shiller, Chris Stigall told a national audience just a month ago that 'nobody knows Barack Obama'-- what people were saying LAST summer. Clearly he wasn't paying as much attention to Obama as the voters were. or else he just didn't know what to look for after drinking all that Faux News koolaid.

I'm not sure if we know much about ANY president, but I sure like what I'm seeing and he is NOTHING like the picture being painted by the bitter election losers. Were I in talk radio, I'd be worried about my career and take a long look at how I was handling myself!

Even Matt Drudge had to handle the Obama newsconference fairly well tonight about one reporter's FOUR PART QUESTION...

Some Enchanted Evening

So as you read earlier if you’ve been following along, President Obama said what “surprised” and “troubled” him during his first 100 days in office. That left two more words--posed by a reporter--to address. “Enchanted” (he liked that one) and “humbled.”

It took time to sum up “enchanted.” Finally, he spoke of meeting the men and women serving in the military. He is profoundly impressed by them and grateful, he says.

And humbled? Pause. A long one. “The presidency is extraordinarily powerful, but we are just part of a much boarder tapestry of American life.” All presidents discover this. They can’t do everything. As Obama says, he finds a president “can’t press a button and have bankers do what he wants.”

-- Steve Padilla

Obama said many other things too, Mr Drudge didn't report on his right-leaning website. When pressed, the President admitted he thought water-boarding was torture... but rather he lectured about morality than taking the shot he could have at the last administration who's catching criticism about war crimes.

He also said he had plenty to do without running businesses and would be very happy when the auto and banking industry were back on their feet and the taxpayers got out. Obama dodged every opportunity reporters teased him with to get into a political fistfight with his critics. Obama so far is just above the fray, and that's a quality we've desperately needed. It's been a great hundred days... no doubt to the chagrin of those who pretty much were tossed out of the Government by We, the People.

I've felt since the GOP's divisive Clinton impeachment that the Republicans were not fit to govern. Even before, actually, when we watched them deify Ollie North, an Army colonel who blindly broke the law for the Good of the Country and Ronald Reagan. Like Dick Cheney, who showed us that what the Republicans believe--that torture is okay. That ends justify means. The sign to the left says "Country First". That is what they believe, no matter what. They're saying you can do anything you want, if you wrap the flag in it first! Like launching attacks on other countries, for example. Or breaking into the Democratic National headquarters. Or spying on political opponents.

I'm glad America finally figured out what I've felt too. How long do you suppose it will take talk radio to figure that Barack Obama has too much to do so he's left them, and their insanity, behind??

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