Sep 1, 2008

TKC: reporting with (dis)respect

I'm not happy with TKC this weekend for he has gone too far bushwacking the Funk Family and makes bloggers and himself look bad. I told him so in his comments, as did a few others. Based on nearly a hundred comments in there so far, it appears most of his defenders didn't get it and spent their weekend goal-tending to make rebound comments-- which is obviously the perspective of some (or one) on the outside looking in.

While I didn't see his face anywhere in his homemade video, Tony made quite a spectacle of himself. Is he just another guy who wears his race on his sleeve and that gives him rights to be rude? Hopefully next time, the four TV stations will record a wider shot of his antics; he's turned himself into a news story which is probably what he had in mind the whole time. The things people do to get attention, even if maybe the kind they didn't expect.


Reading BottomLine this weekend, I noticed a tiff with Lezak and Aaron Barnhardt and that led me to KSHB 41's interesting blog pages, which I've linked to and will watch from now on. Good work over there, despite all the crap they get in the local TV whiners' room. One could make a full time job out of media watching! BTW, most of the traffic in the TV room seems to come from Katie-bashing and Erin-lusting weather interns-- which shows they don't have enough to do and may not be worth their wages. Well, my wife's complaining today because there's yard work to be done so g2g.

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