Dec 18, 2014

We got it WRONG. Who'da thought the Little North Korean Shrimp Would Hand Us our LUNCH??

Lets look at the FACTS.

Sony Pictures decides to make money MAKING FUN of defenseless nutcase Kim Jung UN!

Not many can get even with big media, but his computer hackers are smarter than Sony's.   Rather than accept Sony's humiliation, UN hacks them and humiliates Sony Pictures' OWN movie stars.

Same thing US Supermarket rags to do the stars when they can...but they're not that smart either.     Remember, Fox owner Rupert Murdoch got burned in Britain for hacking private emails too for HIS tabloids.  Even nailed the Royal family.

Now Sony's comedy writers are on TV screaming foul-- something about Free Speech to humiliate people.

Fact is little UN got EVEN... gave American media a taste of its own medicine.   Think about it.   And Google the word "hypocrisy."

Dec 17, 2014

Johnson County CONGRESSMAN works for the BIGGEST BANKSTERS, not for YOU!

Remember when Wall Street banksters gambled our money and nearly crashed the COUNTRY?    Johnson County's Kevin Yoder was the one sneaking a protection into the Spending bill to put the Taxpayers back on the hook for Wall Street's greedy gamblers.    Guess what?   Banks were among his biggest campaign contributors.  Besides, CitiBank's lobbyists wrote Yoder's late night insertion!

Where's the Justice Dept to get big money out of Congress?

Click here for Huffington Post's VIDEO STORY about Yoder, his contributors, and chance of defeat NEXT election from Johnson County.

"Why is there a Wall Street giveaway in the Continuing Resolution? Did you learn nothing during the last cycle of collapse and bailouts? Plain ignorance, or willful ignorance?" says Rich Reavis, who plays in a band called Rail Dog that performs around Kansas. "Did you speak out against putting that crap in the CR?"

Scott Gregory of Roeland Park, Kansas, which falls in Yoder's district, says, "I'm sure the good folks of the 3rd District were just beating down the door to get CITI favored treatment. You are a sell-out to Wall Street lobbyists."

Citibank maintains the rule change is good for everyone. Asked for comment on the provision being included in a must-pass bill, a company spokeswoman pointed HuffPost to a recent blog post by Ed Skyler, executive vice president for global public affairs, outlining why banks back the provision being repealed.

"Citi is strongly committed to the safety and soundness of the financial system. We also support a regulatory framework in which U.S. companies can be as competitive as possible," Skyler writes. "This correction to the 'swaps push-out' provision supports both goals."

To be clear, lawmakers in both parties supported the bank provision by voting for the spending package. Republican leaders in the House and Senate, as well as Democratic leaders in the Senate and appropriations committee chairs on both sides of the aisle, were in favor of including the provision. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), the lead appropriator in the Senate, actively defended the bank language.

The vote created unusual fractures in the House, where Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) broke from Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) in opposing it. The bill also led to odd alliances in the Senate, where Warren and Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) found themselves united against it. The final House vote can be seen here. The Senate vote is here.

Language has been added to note that lawmakers of both parties voted for the Wall Street provision.  -Huff Post

Many on both the Right and Left are FURIOUS...but it passed both the House and the Senate anyway.  President Obama has not yet signed it.

BILL MOYERS writes how Citi-Bank should be broken up... over the stir that has Kansas City area Congressman in the middle.

Dec 10, 2014

Washington POST skims and highlights the 'bipartisan SPENDING BILL... here it is

This item has been updated and revised.

The $1.01 trillion spending bill unveiled late Tuesday will keep most of the federal government funded through next September -- and it's packed with hundreds of policy instructions, known on Capitol Hill as "riders," that will upset or excite Democrats, Republicans and various special interest groups.
So, what's in the bill? We've sifted through the legislation, consulted supporting documents from Democratic and Republican aides, and called out some of the more notable and controversial elements below. (If you want to review detailed reports on all 12 parts of the spending bill, clickhere.

Well this is definately a breaking story....a lot of changes.   Rachel Maddow had the best cable coverage today.   But the Tea Party doesn't have that channel listed as a 'favorite', so they get the Fox version.
Is this Racketeering?
I think Sen Elizabeth Warren's making the Republicans VERY NERVOUS.

Elizabeth Warren's right... this 11th hour action in the house to put TAXPAYERS back on the hook for big banksters gambiling losses is outrageous. They nearly collapsed the economy in 2008! Remember? Congressmen of both parties were wetting their pants! I'm wondering if the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT should investigate who put the clause in the spending bill at the last minute in the House to make TAXPAYERS responsible for big bank gambling losses. And anybody who voted for it and got contributions, investigate them for bribery... and violation of the Federal RICO statutes... RACKETEERING! And force the secret front groups who launder campaign contributions to reveal their contributors and destinations, and if they fail, charge em with complicity in the racket.

TORTURE and the IRAQ War.

A lot of discussion this last week about Torture...Republicans are doing Damage Control.    Dick Cheney flat out said President Bush knew about it... Who's truth telling?

Well its clear the Bush Cheney regime wasn't telling the truth about IRAQ and how we got in there.

I was starting to wonder if Tea Partiers are in such denial over wars that they become very dangerous.

Ignorance can be very dangerous when accompanied with self righteousness.

Figuring many are Fox watchers and Fox never reports right wing mistakes or corrections, they probably never learned that there were no modern WMD's in Iraq and that contrary to right wing reports, alQueda (responsible for 9-11) did not have a relationship with Saddam Hussein.

These same people think GWB was unfairly blamed and Dick Cheney was a hero... when in fact they were far worse even than NIXON.

So they probably never read the evidence that Bush the Younger invaded Iraq under false pretenses. IT was NOT at all about AlQueda, or WMDS.

It was about stablizing the supply and price of oil on world markets. The oil megacompanies were involved in the planning of the Baghdad invasion, and when we went in, there were only two things they had to have.

Protection of the Petroleum Industry headquarters, and protection of the oil fields and pipelines.  Everything else was left to be destroyed and looted. Including Iraq's magnificient museums.
Its all out now and oil officials have admitted their participation. Indeed, there were military targets to be preserved that had Oil Companies' names on it.
Tea Partiers won't like the source. They think as little about MSNBC as most people do about FOX.
Think of us invading IRAQ after 9-11 like us invading CANADA. Or police on a drug raid busting down the door of the wrong house.

People who don't pay attention are dangerous and easily manipulated just like Hitler manipulated the Germans in 1938.

How many Iraqis did we mistakenly kill for our 3,000 people in the WTC? A quarter million?

How many alleged terrorists doing mischief in THEIR OWN COUNTRY (not ours) do we kill with our drones every month?   One of the blonde Fox anchors actually asked this, trying to smear Obama.

How many of our soldiers have we sacrificed because we didn't like OPEC setting oil prices?

Besides that the 9-11 hijackers and bin Laden himself were SAUDIS! We never laid a hand on them. Even evacuated their royal family visiting here on 9-11 in the middle of the night. Go figure.

About OPEC, again. They're doing it again now, and we consumers are enjoying the price war... designed to bankrupt Russia and US Shale Frackers. The've set the price of their oil lower than we can produce it for. We're swimming in oil!
Republicans, like the corporatists who believe ENDS JUSTIFY MEANS.

Torture's okay. Tricking voters and gerrymandering districts, and claiming there's voter fraud just to pass unrealistic voter ID laws?
ENDS JUSTIFY MEANS. That's EXACTLY what Nixon's men did... and they all went to prison.
And we did it in VIETNAM, for no good reason. They never attacked us. IT was about the evil Communist horde that must be stopped in a faraway jungle.

Go get yourself a beer and watch this hour long investigation if you wanna get the story of why BUSH is persona non grata in his own PARTY!

TIME.... Person of the Year

Dec 8, 2014

So OFFICIALS ARE playing DUMB on FERGUSON and for Obama to PARDON Bush and Cheney tomorrow?

Not being an active reporter for some time, but as a regular reader of Associated Press self-written or republished stories, I've got the impression AP is a bit right-leaning these days.    Witness the lastest story printed on the blog of KMBC-TV's Michael Mahoney.

It's a half story.  With a misleading headline. Mo Attorney General  Chris  Koster's not even IN the story.  Maybe just a mistake... maybe Mahoney just failed to delete an old headline in his blog.  Dunno.

But more disturbing... the St Louis Prosecutor is PLAYING DUMB on WHY  critical witness testimony was NOT RELEASED.

Check this curious report...

So what wire service, newspaper or ace TV reporter's going to drive to Jeff City or St Louis and ask these people directly for the answers, the transcripts, and who made the decision not to include it in the massive release of data on the Ferguson case?

VIDEO STORY:  On Dec 7th, KSDK TV St Louis made some's their video.

UPDATED:   The news finally came out about a key woman clearly lying to protect the cop.   It ain't gonna be pretty for St LOUIS OFFICIALS.  I expect the cop's goin down.  Maybe the DA, too!   DEVELOPING.

Did St Louis officials release thir OWN interviews with Johnson?  If not, WHY not?   As to the FBI's interviews, sounds like we'll have to wait.

Breaking BOMBSHELL...



Big Report Due out on Summary of CIA Torture Tuesday that has US officials worried about world reaction this week.  Our people overseas on alert.

MORE... MSNBC's Rachel Maddow reports Monday the Tuesday's New York Times will have the head of the ACLU asking 
Pres Obama TO PARDON Former Pres George Bush and VP Dick Cheney.    The two have not been charged with torture crimes but the ACLU says PARDONS would show the world that torture is a crime and keep it from happening again.

(Gosh what would Chief GOP Investigator Daryl Issa and so many Republicans think?)