Jul 3, 2015

SOME CHRISTIANS are SO CONFUSED.... they think they're Christians but they're really JEWS! Check it!

Trouble with most Christians today is that they're SLOW READERS.  Likely the Catholics who assembled the Bible at about 1000 AD, only the clerics could read and so they enterpreted Scripture to the masses.    That all changed when we learned how to read it for ourselves!   But we didn't read it very well and we were told it was ALL direct Word of God.  

Christians would focus mostly on earliest JEWISH books of the Old Testament  (with its lesson of vengeance and crime and punishment justice) ...  and not the CHRISTIAN New Testament  (with its lesson of forgiveness and even pacifism).   Literate readers just never read the Bible all the way to Jesus' Sermon on the Mount!

There IS NO Judeo-Christian religion.  

If you read the Bible for CONTENT and not just for QUOTES, you will come to understand they are two very different religions.   There's simply too many conflicting views to come from one God.    You ask clerics about these conflicts and they give you double-talk; they simply don't know.   And to suggest these are just articles written by godly men is to deny the Bible is the Word of God Himself--which is a fundamental foundation of the Scripture.

  Vengeance or Forgiveness?   That's the most basic difference between Jewish  and Christian scripture.

Yes, despite the line that says Jesus didn't come to Change the Law....    he clearly DID for his sermons changed the direction of religious thinking-- a shock that got him crucified!   

Christians have been confused ever since by the conflicts between the New and Old Testaments.    At the center is Creation versus Evolution;   some people cling to their biblical beliefs, and others look at the fossils we have found in the last thousand years, and conclude that or origins just couldn't be as it was written.  The Catholics should have published the Old Testament in the back of the Bible as a reference--a story not a history lesson  authored by God.   This does shake people up.

Modern man should look at science and its geology, physics, astronomy, etc showing that Creation, the history of the Earth, and the history of the Jews was folk lore by the relatively ignorant men of the times.   Instead, Christians have decided to ignore modern evidence and hold to the folklore, and archaic rules of Old Testament speculation on Man's origins and what we do today, pick and choose how to live together.    

Nothing is more important to reveal this religious dilemma is admitting that homosexuality exists in our species.   And how America's  culture,  justice and political systems center on religious views of the Jews.

Which sounds just a little bit like muslim Sharia Law.

Jun 25, 2015

Now time for the AFFORDABLE part of the Affordable Care Act.

Did you hear?   After the Supreme Court upheld the provisions of Obamacare's state programs, Justice Scalia's outraged.    Wants to change the name of OBAMAcare to SCOTUScare.   No doubt he doens't want Obama to get credit for the best health reimbursement system since Medicare.


IF Tea Party Congressmen and progressives REALLY represent the PEOPLE and not the corporations, they'll press for the AFFORDABLE part of the "A.C.A."    Obamacare's working just fine as far as it goes.  Here's what we need NEXT:

1.  A MEDICARE FOR ALL option, to SKIP having private insurers and deals cut with EMPLOYERS.  Health care is LIFELONG, no matter where you work.  All citizens should pay into it through payroll deductions based on wages from their FIRST JOB  (don't game the system til ya get pregnant!); get employers OUT of it except to withhold the money, like for Medicare and SS.  Make em pay you in SALARY to buy your OWN health care, Medicare or a private plan by the month.     Without insurance company lobbyists, sales forces, advertising, profits and duplication, THEIR CUT of your PREMIUMS won't be 18 percent  as it is now.  It'll be MUCH less--like MEDICARE's clerical services, less than 5 percent!

2.  What we don't have is the AFFORDABLE part... when DOCTORS and HOSPITAL PROVIDERS gouge us and bribed Congressmen let them get away with it.

Now if Republicans are smart, they'll ignore the lobbyists and strip the drug companies of their outrageous monopoly over Americans by letting us buy drugs overseas--same drugs, just way cheaper.

3.  Demand doctors and hospitals post their charges on the internet so we can COST compare like we do everything else we buy.   And be honest with insurance company negotiated discounts.  We should ALL get that 'group' price rate, don't ya think?

4.  Take state dental professional associations to court to end price fixing, like for thousand dollar crowns as the 'going rate', shunning dentists who want to lower their costs to the public.

5.  Require labs and test facilities, including xrays, cat scans, etc to post prices...and where discounted, rebate the savings to the PATIENTS in their co-pays, not to insurance company profits.   We'll spend those saved dollars right back into our nearby retail/small businesses!

OUR ECONOMY will spread the savings we reap to all the REST of our countries' businesses and workers--not just health care that delivers less health for higher cost than anywhere in the developed world.   And no more bankruptcies for uninsured Americans who get suddenly, really sick!

Ya know, there's a reason why health care people wear MASKS!

Jun 9, 2015

POLICE STATE. No matter what Fox says, its about RACE and it must stop.

Seen how police didn't give the white kid with the camera a second look?   Yes, white people can be invisible.

Check this:

Fixing the cops, whether they want to be fixed or not

Lets assume most cops are dedicated and not bullies.  Some are even heroic.  But they have a horrible reputation and they've let it happen.   They can't police the police and politicians don't have the appetite yet to do it.

Bad cops, uninformed cops, are unsuitable for the occupation. But they are very slick and work to get you to forfeit your 4th Amendment rights. They will lie and BS you into letting them search your car or talk freely, even without giving you your Miranda rights, reminding you that cops are not your friends!

How to make them better public servants and not like predators on patrol as if they're back in Baghdad?

Work to press society to form a certification organization linked to training besides just confrontation and head busting. Classes on the law. On court decisions. On DE-ESCALATING situations rather than building confrontation. On anger management. Dealing with the mentally ill. Dealing with their own prejudices. These are SKILLS that can be taught. They need to learn that 'resisting police inflicted pain' and 'resisting arrest' are two different things.

They need a national board certification system.... a professional association that isn't a UNION. Like health professionals and their Continuing Education requirements putting professional letters after their name. Letters that should give them an advantage when it comes to getting hired. . Until that happens, law enforcement will always attract ex-military thugs who are alienating Americans one confrontation at a time. We must change the culture.

Get on Fox and national websites and advocate police training. Remember, these people carry GUNS and even if they don't shoot you, when they hand out what amounts to felony convictions like candy, they are ruining lives hundreds per day.

Why?  Because in today's background check society, a conviction is a life sentence, even if the victims get probation.  Harder or impossible to get a good job, or an apartment, or even keep their kids.   For LIFE.

Lets fix this... we can't tolerate the police we pay out looking to fill the jails night after night.   It's the culture they've created for themselves.

May 24, 2015

After watching this video... what will you do differently?

After you see this, what are you going to do different?

Posted by Tyrese Gibson on Tuesday, July 22, 2014